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Christmas in July

19 Jul

Yes I know it’s July, one thousand degrees outside and half the country is under a heat advisory, but I’m reminded of Christmas.

We have a massive garden. I love eating fresh, organic, food pulled right out of my own backyard. We have to look out for the chickens though. They love to hide in the plants, especially when they see us coming with the net. They know we can’t catch them and it’s like we’re stupid and they have fun toying with us. They stick their heads out just long enough so we can see them and then they disappear into the corn stalks; it’s like as if A Field of Dreams is happening in my backyard….Sorry, I digress.

My 2 favorites are fresh tomatoes and squash. Brandn will slice and coat the squash in butter then sprinkle with seasoning and throw it on the grill. My mouth is watering just typing these words. We have had such an abundance of veggies that we had entered the wonderful world of canning. We (and when I say “we” I really man Brandn does all the work and I stand behind him and say “I told you so” when he burns himself) have canned salsa, tomatoes and made pickles.

We opened the first jar of pickles the other day. Anticipation was in the air. If you have ever canned something you know what I’m talking about. Excited to see what it tastes like and a little nervous of the fact it could suck and you just wasted all that food and time. First bite here we go. I sat there for a minute thinking I have tasted this before even though this was the first time we, I mean Brandn, have made pickles. I was eating a pickle but was picturing pumpkin pie and warm cider in my mind. Why, these pickles taste like the holidays!!

I told Brandn and he said I was crazy. Then he tried one and kinda agreed. We looked at the pickling spices he used and Cloves were in there…I knew it! We now have 5.5 jars of Christmas pickles. Danica, our 5 year old, was cracking up saying we should put a bow on them and give them to our friends and shout “Happy Holidays!”  The salsa and tomatoes are excellent; the pickles, not so much. Brandn and Danica loved them. Good thing because if not, all our friends would be getting pickles for a Christmas present.

photo (10)

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you….welcome to my brian.