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Grab a Bottle

28 Dec

I have a 9 year old daughter.  She makes me a better person. I thank God every night that he chose me to be her mom, that I get to love her and kiss her anytime I want (If you see the cute little boy from Sweet Home Alabama, you are my people!) I pray constantly that she’ll grow into a Godly woman. She has the sweetest heart and I look at her and I’m in awe.

Then I walk into her room and all the warm fuzzies are gone!  Not just gone, but dead, buried under a 2 foot pile of dog poo.  This room is my demise.  I try to ignore it as long as I can and suppress my feelings, but it never lasts.  Inevitably, I crack.  Then I go into a throwing out rage.  My daughter and I fight.  EVERYTHING.IS.SPECIAL.  Toys that she has completely forgotten about all of a sudden become the world’s greatest toy and she will tell me who gave it to her and all why her life will be utterly destroyed if I chunk it. Things are said, feelings are hurt and tears are shed. It gets ugly and I’m not proud of myself in these moments.

We got her a bunk bed for Christmas.  In order for it to fit, we had to get rid of her 3 foot tall Barbie house.  Barbie can’t be homeless so getting rid of her house means getting rid of her (all 15 of them) and her million outfits and shoes and purses and car, and if you can’t tell, I hate Barbie.  I hate everything about her and the thought of removing all of it from our house made we way happier than it should.

But I didn’t want to fight with my 9 year old and I was dreading the meltdown that was in my very near future.  I swear the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He said “Katie, sweet and beautiful Katie with whom I am pleased.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, actually, forget the glass and grab the bottle.  Disregard the fact that it’s only 8:46 in the morning.  Let her binge watch Netflix and get in that room.”

Yall, when the Holy Spirit speaks, YOU LISTEN! I was me versus the closet.  I had God on my side so I knew I would be victorious. I shut the door so she could not enter.  The rule was she couldn’t ask me what I threw away.  Out of a whole pile, she only busted me on 1 toy, so I gave it back.


Her room is so cozy, she has a reading corner and Christmas lights.  In one afternoon, it transformed from little girl’s to a big girl’s room.  She aged before my eyes.  My baby is growing is up.  I remember the day she was born, her first steps, and her first day of pre-K.  Now she gets things for me when I’m too lazy to walk across the entire grocery store and she’s on a dance team with teen agers.  She’s big, but not too big to be dropped off at her classroom door or snuggle every night at bed time.  She’s growing up and I can’t do anything about that, but for now, I’ll just hang on to her while I’m still cool.




FB is a Bunch of Crap

26 Dec

So, it’s the day after Christmas.  Or as so many of you have posted on FB CHRISTmas.  I’m sorry, but putting “CHRIST” in all caps bugs me.  All your other pictures and posts (which reflect how  you live) have nothing to do with living for Jesus, but yet when Christmas rolls around you get all Jesuslike.  No wonder so many people want nothing to do with church, we’re just a bunch of hypocrites.  This is not the purpose of this blog so I better jump off my soapbox…

I saw a video on FB the other day of some AMAZING looking waffles.  My husband saw it too and we decided that’s what we wanted for Christmas morning breakfast.  The video shows a puff pastry placed on the waffle maker, then stuffed with cheese and ham, then puff pastry folded on top and wha-la, you have a gorgeous, stuffed waffle.  I decided to kick it up a notch and add a fried egg on top.  Can you say genius?

breakfast 1

I’m assuming the video was filmed multiple times to make it look that easy-peasy. The truth is the puff pastry wasn’t big enough and ALL the cheese melted out.  The waffle was good but dry so I had to add syrup to add moisture.  Please note the melted cheese oozing out, all the smoke, the mess in the background and the awesomely annoyed look on my 8yo’s face.

breakfast 2

Isn’t this just like life?  We post on social media, snippets of our life.  The snippets that make us look good, like we have it all together, like our life is WAY.BETTER.THAN.YOURS. (That would be the first pic to make you jealous of our breakfast.)  And most of us fall for it.  We look at our “friends” and think their spouse is just so perfect…their kids are perfectly trained (people with kids, we all know their behavior is totally viewed as a direct reflection of us.)  Their house/car/stuff is nicer than mine which means they make more money than me so they must be happier then I am.

The truth is we all fall short; we all #fail and most times we don’t want others to know about it. Yes, I did post the second pic on FB.  I do post my highs but I also post my lows.  I believe we all live messy lives and the more honest we are about them, the better everyone would be.  I believe if we would all quit pretending to be something we’re not, like perfect, and  start living the awesomely jacked-up lives we have, we’d actually be happier and therefore less judgmental.

Let me challenge you for 2016: start being more honest with yourself.  It will be hard at first, but I guarantee it will be life changing!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you..welcome to my brain.


4 Dec

Christmas is fast approaching. When you think of Christmas, do you think of Black Friday, lights, eggnog or presents? Do you think of Jesus? He is what Christmas is all about but somehow we have commercialized it to heck and Jesus has become a second thought to most people.

Sure, we go to the obligatory Christmas service and think about Jesus at least once, I mean hey, we don’t want to look like a total heathen right?!  But do we focus on Jesus?  I’m gonna be honest here and say I don’t focus on him as much as I should. There wouldn’t even be Christmas presents if there wasn’t Jesus.  When I think of Jesus, I can’t help but be thankful for his unconditional love.  If you follow my blog, you will notice that God’s love is a constant theme of my posts.

I was reading in Acts the other day and I came across this nugget.  I have read it several times before but something new stood out to me:

One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon. Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.  When he saw Peter and John about to enter, he asked them for money.  Peter looked straight at him, as did John. Then Peter said, “Look at us!”  So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them.

 Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,walk.”  Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong.  He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God.  When all the people saw him walking and praising God, they recognized him as the same man who used to sit begging at the temple gate called Beautiful, and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him.  Acts 3: 1-10 NIV

Did you see it?  Sure this is an amazing story about miracles and healing but what stood out to me was the name of the gate.  Did you even notice it?  I’ll wait a sec while you go back up and re-read…BEAUTIFUL!!

This man was begging at the gate.  He was lame and depended on the generosity of others for survival.  He asked Peter and John for money.  That’s all he was hoping for, money; his expectations weren’t very high.  They didn’t give him money but what they gave him was so much more.  In the name of Jesus, he was healed! He was lame since birth so he had never walked before.  Instantly he was walking and jumping and praising God; can you imagine what this must have been like for him?

He asked for  money but instead he received the ability to walk.  He no longer had to beg which I’m sure gave him dignity.  He now had freedom and independence.  He was no longer confined to a spot, he was no longer known as the beggar at the gate called Beautiful.  He was now known as the man who once begged at a spot and was healed in the name of Jesus Christ!  He encountered Jesus at a place called Beautiful…I’ll let that soak in for a minute.

We put limitations on God.  Why?  Do we only ask for little because we don’t think we are worth  more?  Do we think our problem is too big for God and by limiting what we hope to happen we’re preparing ourselves so when it doesn’t work out, we weren’t really expecting it to?

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.  Eph 3:20 MSG

We need to stop putting limitations on God, He will do so much more…isn’t that BEAUTIFUL?

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

Big and Little…Let’s do Both!!

27 Dec

This past weekend, my church did it’s annual Christmas Outreach where we load up the trailer and head downtown to the homeless community and hand out backpacks (stuffed with socks, wash rags, bandanas, food, oranges, water, juice, chapstick, bus passes and hand sanitizer) along with breakfast burritos and bottled water. This started 3 years ago with the thought of “This isn’t right and we have to do something.” Each year it had gotten progressively bigger: 38 backpacks the 1st year; 50ish backpacks the 2nd year and 100 backpacks this year!!!! Not only is the number of backpacks increasing, so is the number of volunteers and children that show up to help.

When they told me this year’s goal was 100, my stomach was in knots. You see, I count the money and I knew how much this would cost. I’ll admit it; I didn’t think we could do it. With 3 weeks left we still weren’t even half way there and I was stresses out. Well God proved Himself faithful once again and ALL the money came in…big shocker….why do I doubt? I don’t know.

This was big, this was a church event. I believe that churches should do events like this. Most churches have the resources to hold events; they have volunteers, time and money. Even if your church is small, my church is small so I get that it’s hard, it still should do something. If your church has events, I strongly encourage you to participate and get involved.


After the Outreach, we went back to church and held service. Our praise and worship team did “Little Drummer Boy.” During the song, something hit me. All I know about this boy is he’s little, he’s a drummer, and he’s poor. Even though he’s a boy; he gets it. He gets something that most of us adults – including me, don’t get.

Some lyrics: Little baby…I’m a poor boy too…I have no gift to bring…that’s fit to give our King…I played my drum for Him….I played my best for Him…Then He smiled at me.

This little boy didn’t over complicate it. He didn’t think his song wasn’t good enough. He was fearless. He knew his abilities. He knew what he had and he acted on it. This little boy gave Jesus ALL he had to offer…a song. And then Jesus smiled at him.

I’m not fearless. I find myself looking at a need that is so great I easily get discouraged and think what I can offer isn’t good enough, so I don’t do anything. The lesson to be learned from this little drummer boy is: give what you can.

What can I give? A smile to THAT co-worker. Yes, we all have one and when we see them walking our way, we get up and pretend to be needed elsewhere. ..An extra hug to my husband whose love language is touch. ..An extra 10 minutes to my daughter even though I desperately want to finish mopping my very light colored tile floors after a storm and 2 muddy dogs have run across the entire downstairs…Waiting 5 minute to reply to someone who has just made me mad so my response isn’t ulgy…Being less judgmental because who am I to judge?

Even though I believe we should be involved in the big events, we can’t depend on those alone. There are countless small ways to make a difference and show love. The little drummer boy played a song and Jesus smiled at him. I want my daily actions to cause Jesus to smile at me and honestly, I know a lot of them don’t.

I’m going to work on this in 2014. My New Year’s Resolution is to make Jesus smile. I encourage/challenge you to join me!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…..welcome to my brain.

Christmas in July

19 Jul

Yes I know it’s July, one thousand degrees outside and half the country is under a heat advisory, but I’m reminded of Christmas.

We have a massive garden. I love eating fresh, organic, food pulled right out of my own backyard. We have to look out for the chickens though. They love to hide in the plants, especially when they see us coming with the net. They know we can’t catch them and it’s like we’re stupid and they have fun toying with us. They stick their heads out just long enough so we can see them and then they disappear into the corn stalks; it’s like as if A Field of Dreams is happening in my backyard….Sorry, I digress.

My 2 favorites are fresh tomatoes and squash. Brandn will slice and coat the squash in butter then sprinkle with seasoning and throw it on the grill. My mouth is watering just typing these words. We have had such an abundance of veggies that we had entered the wonderful world of canning. We (and when I say “we” I really man Brandn does all the work and I stand behind him and say “I told you so” when he burns himself) have canned salsa, tomatoes and made pickles.

We opened the first jar of pickles the other day. Anticipation was in the air. If you have ever canned something you know what I’m talking about. Excited to see what it tastes like and a little nervous of the fact it could suck and you just wasted all that food and time. First bite here we go. I sat there for a minute thinking I have tasted this before even though this was the first time we, I mean Brandn, have made pickles. I was eating a pickle but was picturing pumpkin pie and warm cider in my mind. Why, these pickles taste like the holidays!!

I told Brandn and he said I was crazy. Then he tried one and kinda agreed. We looked at the pickling spices he used and Cloves were in there…I knew it! We now have 5.5 jars of Christmas pickles. Danica, our 5 year old, was cracking up saying we should put a bow on them and give them to our friends and shout “Happy Holidays!”  The salsa and tomatoes are excellent; the pickles, not so much. Brandn and Danica loved them. Good thing because if not, all our friends would be getting pickles for a Christmas present.

photo (10)

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you….welcome to my brian.

Ear Pleasure

15 Dec

I wanted to do something fun for a Christmas blog.  If you read my blog regularly, you know I primarily blog about blessings and God and what He’s teaching me.  So I’m sure you’re expecting some sort of “Jesus blog” from me regarding Christmas and the fact that’s it’s Jesus’ birthday and He is full of love for us. Well sorry to disappoint, but you won’t be reading that today.

Stay tuned b/c on the 23rd, Revive Church is doing a homeless outreach and handing out backpacks and hot food to homeless people.  I have full expectations that it will be like last last year and I will leave changed.  So if you’re wanting a meaningful blog, tune back in in a few weeks.

Today, however, lets have some meaningless fun!!!  I wanted to share my favorite Christmas songs with you.  I’m too cheap to pay for my blog so I wasn’t able to add youtube videos to my blog where you can actually see them.  You will have to click on each one to watch it.  Please take a few minutes and watch them and smile!!  🙂

Maria Carey’s – All I Want For Christmas

U2 – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Leann Rimes – O Holy Night

Trans Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon

John Lennon – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Wham! – Last Christmas

Since I just listed my favorite; it’s only fair to include the worst Christmas song ever…..listen is you must….

Christmas Shoes

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

Backpack Outreach 2012

29 Nov

Christmas is fast approaching, are you prepared? I’m not and that’s ok. I haven’t bought a single present. I did go Black Friday shopping with my friend though. The last few years we have gone to Target at 4am. Not to buy anything huge like a big screen TV or a computer. No, we go to buy $1 movies and pajamas and to watch the really crazy, stressed out people…we find this fun. (I’m not too sure what this says about our sanity though.)

Giving presents has always been a big thing for me. Brandn’s birthday is 2 and 1/2 weeks after Christmas. When we first got married, I would shower him with gifts for his b-day and Christmas. I’m talking gifts like a foosball table, new hockey equipment and skates, a PlayStation and a ton of games, a mountain bike, cash for various “i” products and so on.

After having Danica I realized “things” are a bad gifts; I came to this conclusion from personal experience. I can’t tell you how many toys I have stepped on or how many have broken within days. I don’t give gifts to people b/c I think they will like it. In all actuality, they will laugh about it after I leave it give it to Goodwill. Now, I give the gift of food. I know what my friends like and I give them their favorite snacks, drinks, cereal and so on. Brandn thinks this is silly and usually says “don’t put my name on that.” But he knows this is the kind of person I am and he has grown to love and admire this about me…that was sarcasm people. lol
Last year was the first year that I stepped out of my “me” box. It’s sad really; it took me 30 years to think about someone else; a complete stranger. Last year, we headed downtown for a homeless outreach. We went as a church and we brought our kids. We didn’t have a clue!! We showed up with a ton of hot food and backpacks stuffed with supplies….within 5 minutes we were out of food and backpacks. Let me tell you, those 5 minutes changed me. Read my 2 part blog about that day here. My friend went too, read that blog here.

We are doing it again this year. There is a need out there and we’re meeting it; we will no longer turn a blind eye. The need is bigger than us so we’re doing what we can. We are showing up with hot breakfast tacos (or burritos if you’re from west Texas.) Will you partner with us? Will you help your fellow neighbor? Will you provide the greatest gift this Christmas, the gift of love…the gift of showing you care…the gift of not ignoring…the gift of seeing those overlooked? Each complete backpack costs $20 and will contain a bus pass and a gift card for food. Will you sponsor a backpack, or 2 or 3? Click here to donate and click on “Give” . You can set up an account or just click “quick give” and select Christmas Outreach 2012. Help us last longer than 5 minutes!!!

God tells us to love our neighbor as yourself….give to the least of these…..help the oppressed….do the work….fight the good fight.

JOIN US!!!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.