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2nd Grade…insert happy dance!

26 Aug

It that time again.  It comes once a year.  It’s when all the stay home parents say “AMEN” they get some peace and quiet again and it’s that time when all the working parents say “AMEN” because they no longer have to pay a fortune on all day child care.  If you don’t what I’m talking about you must not have kids.  If you have kids you know exactly what time it is…BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!

Going back to school is a wonderful day.  I am a stay home mom so this girl will be walking down the hall at 7:45am with a HUGE smile on my face doing the happy dance. But it takes a lot of preparation for this day tho.

For the last 2 weeks we have been going to bed early and getting up early.  I have a daughter that moves at the speed of molasses so mornings are stressful as we try to keep her focused and on track.  This is why we have been practicing for the last 2 weeks.  My goal is that I don’t end up screaming something like “put your doll down!  If I have to tell you to brush your teeth one more time I will just drag you to school with yucky teeth and morning breath and all the kids will call you the smelly kid and you don’t want to be the smelly kid!” (I am happy to report that no screaming, either from her or me, occurred!)

This day means literally seeing your kids get a year older.  This day means they go off on their own.  This day means they make their own choices.  Will they be good choices?  Will they be the choices you would make for them?  This day means, as parents, we let our grip on them loosen up a little bit more.  This day means they gain a little more independence.

The first day of school is wrapped up with all kinds of emotions for the kids as well as us the parents.  I am the mom that walks her child to class.  But I don’t just say bye at the door.  No sir!  I walk right in the classroom and kiss her goodbye in front of all her classmates.  I want the kids in her class to know me.  I want the kids to feel comfortable around me, but I also want them to know I if they mess with her, they have to see my face the next morning.

I am entrusting her to the teacher.  Teachers…BLESS THEM!  They have to put up with our crazy kids.  They have to wipe tears and settle disputes.  They have to teach the same thing to kids who learn differently.  They have to be stern and patient at the same time.  They have to be leaders and encouragers and stand in the gap for kids who’s parents aren’t pulling their weight.

This is my prayer for my daughter:

Lord, watch over Danica. Let her day be filled with wonder and new things. Help her make friends and get along with others. Let her not compromise herself to fit in. Help her to remember what is right and wrong and to choose right. Give her strength to defend herself and others against bullies. When the test is hard, let her remember she is smart. When girls are mean, let her remember she is loved. When boys are smooth, let her remember they are dumb. When she’s overwhelmed, let her remember your peace. Please help her to remember she is not alone and You are with her when momma and papa are not. Keep her safe and let her get really smart so when we’re old; she can afford to put us in a luxury nursing home.

Congratulations to everyone who survived the summer!!!  Happy first day of school!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


12 Aug

We have become a society enslaved to technology and social media, therefore, I declare it’s time to unplug!

Yes, I realize you are reading this on a PC, laptop, a phone or some sort of iThingy, so please wait till you’re done reading to go unplugged. I am guilty of this so this isn’t a blog where I point my finger at everyone else and tell you how bad you are. No, I am guilty as well.

Summer vacation is over in 2 weeks (let me tell you this Stay Home Mom is eagerly counting down the days till first day of school.) My 7.5 year old daughter has been reading her booty off and winning prizes at the local library. Her last prize was a coupon for a free kid’s meal at, well I’m not sure I can say the name. Lets just say they have the BEST Southwestern Egg-rolls and back in 2002 N’Sync did a commercial singing about baby back ribs…you’re welcome. 😉

It’s been a while since we ate there and I was shocked to see they had touch screens on the table to read the menu and pay your bill. My daughter noticed they had games for $.99 on there as well. She asked if she could play one. Sorry sweetie, no. But I can’t just say no. I had to give her a 5 minute lecture about how that’s one of the problems with our society today. People are addicted to technology and we can’t even sit and eat with our family without have some kind of device in our hand stealing our attention. I told her dinner is a perfect time for us all to sit together and talk. Then my husband chimed in and told her “you’re welcome for having such good parents that love you and want to talk to you.” She just looked at me like, actually she wasn’t looking at me, she was blankly staring at something over my head.

I looked around at several of the tables and kids were playing on the touch screen and parents were on their own phones and no one was talking. No sharing of stories. No laughing. No pouring out of one’s soul. No dreaming for the future. Nothing. This made me sad. Sad for the kids who were missing out on learning from their parents. Sad for the parents missing out on what’s going on in their teen-age daughter’s life.

Now, I’m gonna be honest right now. We also had our 15 month old daughter who was being vocal in a not so cute way and I would have GLADLY paid someone $.99 to come and entertain her.

I realize the appeal of technology. I understand that technology and quiet kids go hand in hand. I know that when I allow my daughter to play games on my phone I have 30 minutes of quiet time. That’s right, I said my phone. She doesn’t have a phone or a Kindle or an iPad of her own and I limit her time playing games on mine.

I’m not judging you as a parent if your kids have their own technological devices. There is nothing wrong with that. All I’m saying is lets unplug for a while. Parents, sit down and talk with your kids. Ask them how their day was and when they say “good” don’t just take that as an acceptable answer. Ask them why it was good. Ask them open ended questions and allow them to ask you questions. Kids are like a sponge and when you pour time into them, they respond.

Happy talking!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain!