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Take That Flat Tire and Shove It

4 Mar

“Don’t live like God can do anything; live like He WILL.”

“If I truly believe in Jesus, I have to know everything will be ok.”

2 things I desperately needed to hear.  2 statements that I can throw in the devil’s face when I feel him creeping on me.

When we first moved to Austin, I was surrounded by new and this caused me to live in fear.  I seriously thought every time my phone rang it was a cop letting me know Brandn died.  It took a few months but I got over that ridiculousness.  Well the last month or so, that fear came back.  I’m a stay home mom and so this fear would hit everyday about 3pm if Brandn wasn’t home from work yet.  I would start to think he was in a car wreck and dead.  How would I breath?  What do I tell our girls?  I would have to go back to work.  How do you do that when you just lost your husband and your daughters just lost their dad?  What do you tell the interview person when she says “I see you were a stay home mom, what made you decide to come back to work?” “My husband just died and I have 2 kids and bills and a mortgage to pay” doesn’t exactly scream I’m awesome, hire me!

I was at a women’s conference this past weekend.  Lisa Harper was talking about being brave and she said “Don’t live like God can do anything; live like He WILL.”  She did a bravery alter call and I went up.  I knew it was time to kick this fear thing in the butt.  I knew it was time to let go.  You see, the devil tells us lies that are laced with truth which makes them oh so easy to believe.  The devil knows that fear is how he can get me; and I had had enough of it.  It’s time to be brave!

Well, you know what happened next?  I got to my car, it was after 9pm, I was in the back of a parking lot, it was freezing and starting to ice.  I had a freaking flat tire; are you kidding me?!?  I can’t change a tire.  I’ve tried.  I’m not strong enough to loosen the lug nuts.  I made a bold move to conquer my fear and within minutes, the devil tried to knock me down…that pissed me off.

The next day Christine Caine said “If I truly believe in Jesus, I have to know everything will be OK.”  She said she came to this realization when she was waiting 3 weeks to find out what stage her cancer was in.  She has a husband and 2 girls and she realized it was going to be OK if she died.  She spends her life serving God, and she knows that her God, her Jesus Christ, will make it ok no matter what.  MY.JESUS.WILL.MAKE.IT.OK.

I so needed to hear those 2 sentences.  I wrote them down.  I have memorized them.  I believe them. I know exactly what to tell the devil when fear starts rising up in me.  When I make a stand against the devil and he throws something in my way, like a flat tire, I have God’s truth to stand on and I will tell the devil to take his flat tire and shove it!