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28 Sep

D: Mom, are we rich?

Me: That depends on your point of view; if you’re talking about world standards or American standards.

B: There’s more to life than money.  Our family is full of love so yes, we’re rich.

(This is so typical us.  I can’t give a short answer, thanks dad, and my husband always finds the silver lining in any situation.)

The truth is yes, we’re rich.  The truth is over half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day and 80% lives on less than $10 a day.  The truth is if you are reading this, you have internet and/or a smart phone, this truth makes you rich too.

The ugly truth is approximately 627,ooo people, mostly children, died from malaria in 2012.  Malaria is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.  It’s also preventable and curable, so why is it killing so many people?  90% of deaths occur in Africa.  The mosquitos that cary this disease only bite at night so people are most vulnerable while they sleep.   Once infected, malaria can be medically treated, but most of the people infected don’t have the means (financial or transportation) to get to a clinic, if there is even one nearby.

The good news is malaria is preventable.  How you ask.  By these lovely things called mosquito nets.  (Can we talk about how beautiful this mom is and the sweet little triplets sleeping under the net that is saving their lives? Don’t miss the fact that they are sleeping on the ground, this needs to be stopped as well.)


mosquito nets


These nets are treated with insecticides, save lives and cost approximately $5.  So what I spend on a cup of coffee can save a life.

This fact alone causes me to ugly cry.  Yes I have cried over kids dying of malaria/HIV/poverty/dirty water/human trafficking/being dirty/having dirt floors; if it’s 3rd world related, I have cried over it on a regular basis.  God is breaking my heart for children in 3rd world countries.  Right now I can’t head over seas and help all the babies that need help, but I can support organizations that do.  Right now, sending trusted organizations our money is the best we can do. We have multiple sponsorships with World Vision and Compassion International.  I would encourage you to check out these websites and get involved, make a difference, feed a child, give hope to a mom and dad, save a life.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.



Man I Suck!

9 Sep

Ok, most people like to talk about what they do well.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE talking about myself and what I rock at, but I also see the need to talk about failures as well.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I try to be transparent and honest.  So here goes…

I suck at keeping up with my…wait for it…daily devotional!  There, I said it.  What?!?! I can hear you shrieking out in horror right now.  But Katie, you say, you moved to Austin to help plant a church, your blogs are always talking about God’s love, you’re such a godly woman, you go to church, you’re so awesome, what do you mean you suck at devotionals?!?

Well, thank you for your kind words, but it’s true.  I started the IF:EQUIP daily devotional several months ago when it originally started.  They send you an email with a chunk of scripture to read and then you watch a 3-5 minute video of awesome ladies (Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine, Angie Smith and Lauren Chandler just to name a few) talking about what they got from it.  I love this because it doesn’t take very long and you get to hear how someone read the same exact thing and got something totally different from it; it’s kinda like 2 devotionals for the price of one.  However, I still have a heck of a time doing it.

I got so far behind that I just stopped.  Then I felt like a bad christian and started back up, but again, got behind.  I have since started for a third time and I’m doing 2 a day to catch up.  When I decided to stay home, I had grand illusions of all the things I wanted to do since I wouldn’t be at a desk job 8-5. I have forgotten how babies are time suckers!  Fingers crossed I’ll keep up this time.

The devil loves that I don’t spend time each morning doing my devotional.  He loves the fact that I keep quitting.  He basks in the glory of my epic devotional failure.  But it’s also a slap in his face when I start back up.  I may not do it each morning, but I’m trucking along and learning and spending time with God.

God isn’t tracking my devotional minutes and shaking his head in disgust.  No, God loves the time I spend with him.  God loves me regardless of my devotional tract record.  His love is unconditional and isn’t based on my actions or who I am.  His love is based on his actions and what he already did. Most “church people” memorize John 3:16 when they are a child “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him will have eternal life.”  I think this verse is so common we forget how ridiculously amazing it is.  God loves us and all he asks in return is for us to love him.  We don’t have to jump through hoops, all we have to do is love.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you..welcome to my brain.

Dear Technology, I’m sorry

2 Sep

I have fought the world of technology for years now.  I hate change.  I hate learning how to operate a new stuff and I hate having to pay the bill for the fancy new stuff I have no idea how to use.

I refused to text for years; why pay for texting when I can just call?  When I told a friend I have “exciting news” she was sure I was pregnant. Nope, I got texting.  I have been friends with her for years and I can count on 1 hand the number of times we have actually called each other.  I have 2 groups of friends, those that I call and those that I text.  If one of my texting friends calls me I know I’m being butt dialed.

I had a trusty LG Slider cell phone for years.  We enjoyed the best of times and cried together for the worst of times.  This phone was there for me man.  I hated to see it gradually get old.  First it was pictures.  I could no longer post pics to Facebook.  Then the space bar started to stick.  Then the “a” and “n” buttons crapped out so I would punch it 8 times and then 8 “n”s would show up and I’d have to go and delete them.

Brandn’s iPhone started messing up as well so it was time for us both to upgrade.  My husband talked me into getting an iPhone 5s.  I was hesitant and said it was dumb but now I must eat my words.  I am a stay home mom who spends my days with a 4 month old and a 6.5 year old so I feel the whole world NEEDS to see their cuteness at all times.  So before we left the Apple Store, I set up and Instagram account.  We went camping for Labor Day and I knew my people would not rest until they saw pics of our loaded up truck, tent, grill, breakfast, kids, mud, naps and trees….you’re welcome people!

I also have a new guilty pleasure; my Kindle!!  I have talked a lot of smack about digital books and said I prefer to read paper so I can hi-lite (I am a hi-liting fool.)  I know you can hi-lite in a Kindle but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, remember I said I hated learning how to use new stuff?  Well,  in the last 3 weeks I have devoured 2 books by women who have escaped the FLDS community The Witness Wore Red and Triumph:Life After the Cult and this morning I started Forgotten God.  I have always enjoyed reading but now I like it even more.  I wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and then I have to pump.  I can sit on the couch and read without turning on any lights; I feel like I’m getting away with something #badtothebone #hardcore #whatelseamisupposedtodowhilehookeduptoamilkmachine

So here goes, words being eaten: dear iPhone and Kindle, I’m sorry.  You have changed my life forever and I’m so glad I gave you a chance.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.