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Said the Lady Who Wanted Twins…

28 Jun

The Sonogram lady said look at your sweet baby!  I said baby…just one?  I really wanted twins.  I knew it would be hard, but so is one baby, so why not have 2 to love on right??

Last week I babysat a friend’s 6 month old daughter.  She is the best baby in the whole world, so sweet and easy going,  no problem at all.  I have a 2.5 month old who sleeps most of the time so this should be a breeze.  I had them both fed and changed and sleeping….I rock at this two kid thing!  I was reading my daily devotional IF:EQUIP and drinking a yummy cup of coffee with coconut creamer; I don’t drink coffee but this moment called for coffee.   I even decided to send a text to my friend letting her know how I was savoring this very delicious moment.

One woke up, that’s ok because the other was sleeping.  We snuggled in the rocking chair and I fed her and changed her.  Life was good.  The other one woke up.  I fed and changed he as well.  We all played and then it was nap time again.  Easy-peasy, I don’t get the fuss about having twins.

Then…they woke up screaming at the same time!  One got fed while the other had to wait.  I’m not sure if my AC went out but it started getting hot in my living room.  I changed the 100th poopy diaper of the day and tried to calm them both down.  I had a girl on each hip and I was bouncing them like my life depended on it.  I felt slobber running down my leg and thought that was kinda weird.  Well, it wasn’t slobber, it was the runniest, nastiest poop that has ever existed.  I didn’t know what to do, I panicked and couldn’t move.  My husband was was up stairs working and I really needed his help.  I know, I’ll text him and tell him to come down and get the clean baby.  Crap, my phone wasn’t close.

I put the clean, screaming baby down and ran with the other one to the changing table; I carried her horizontally to avoid it dripping on my floor.  I put her down and let her scream while I gave myself a wipey bath.  I finally got her cleaned and was back bouncing them both.  When they finally chilled we got to playing again.  My friend’s daughter was playing with shoes when she lost her balance and went head first into the shoe rack.  Poor thing!  She wasn’t a happy camper.  I kept watching the red mark on her face getting redder and NOT going away.  Two choices:  tell them or not tell them and hope they don’t notice it till they get home and let them think it happened on their watch….hmmm both were equally appealing….I confessed when her dad picked her up.

Not gonna lie, the day was awesome but had some stressful moments.  I guess God knew what He was doing when he only gave me one at a time.  Props to mothers of multiples and a huge shout out to my amazing friends Matt and Catherine that have sweet twin girls.

P.S. – I NEVER finished my cup of coffee!!


Tub of Tears

22 Jun

Brandn said our 2 month old daughter’s head stunk.  What?!?!  We had spent some time earlier at the Farmer’s Market so I wasn’t sure if her head smelt like patchouli, hemp or organic beet juice.  It didn’t smell like those, in fact, it didn’t smell like anything at all.  According to my husband, if her head doesn’t smell like Johnson & Johnson’s it stinks.  For fear of her being the stinky kid in the church nursery tomorrow, I gave her a bath.

While looking into her eyes and washing her sweet little toes I start to tear up.  These were not tears of joy and gratitude because God gave me this precious gift to love.  Nor were they tears of pride knowing this little girl will grow up to be awesome because, after all, she’s half me.  No, they were tears of heartache because I know there are sweet babies out there that have never had a bath.

Baths, something we take for granted.  I am so thankful that my girls live in a house where they have water at their disposal.  I shed tears for the tiny ones that live in places where hot clean water doesn’t exist.  For children who have to walk miles for water that we wouldn’t dream of touching.  Tears for babies that are dirty because their parents are consumed with other stuff that prevents them from even noticing their children.  Tears for children whose bellies never get full.  Tears for babies that will never experience love.  Tears for girls that are so desperate for love they will do anything for it…tears.

We sponsor children, babies and pregnant women through World Vision and Compassion International but is this enough?  No.  My heart aches for children who don’t have the basic necessities to live and my heart also aches because there is so much more I could do about it, but don’t.  I volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters but had to stop when I was pregnant; I didn’t have any energy and I needed sleep and our weekly outings were physically draining on me.

All I want to do is love on some children.  I want to do more than just send money.  I want to love physically and fiercely.  I want to give hugs and wipe skinned knees.  God knows this desire of my heart, He’s the one that put it there.  I don’t know how or when but He will see it done and rock my world while doing it.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

A Brave New World

17 Jun

Nope, sorry slacker high-school students, this isn’t a book report; you’re gonna have to read the Cliff’s Notes on your own.  I read this book in high school and honestly, I don’t remember a single thing about it.

I am embarking on a brave new world.  I’m saying sayonara to the “corporate” world and hello to the “did I take a shower yesterday” world, also known as a Stay Home Mom.

I decided not to go back after my maternity leave; this was something both my husband and I wanted for a while but didn’t think it possible.  We think it’s gonna work out financially, but we’ll see.  I’m betting my sanity runs out before the money does.  My older daughter and I are so alike yet so different there will be days when we’re both in time-out..

For the older one: I want to be the one to take you to school and pick you up.  I want to be the mom that knows all the kids and volunteers at your school.  I will be all up in your business.  I aspire to be “that” mom.  You know, the one that brings raisins and applesauce cupcakes laced with carrots and spinach on Halloween and give everyone my cell phone number to plan play dates.  I have bought a new “stay home mom” wardrobe so that I look cute when I’m at your school; my actions will embarrass you, my clothes will not.  I want you to know your day matters to me.

For the baby:  I want to be the one feeding you and changing your diapers.  I want to be the one that kisses your tears away when you’re screaming and I have no idea why and then start crying with you.  I want to be the one to snuggle you in the afternoon when we both have calmed down.  I want to be the one to get your smiles and I want you to get mine.  I want you to know your day matters to me.

For my husband:  I want to be the one to great you after work with a hug and I promise I won’t be wearing the same pjs as when you left.  I want the house to always be clean not disgusting.  Now that I’m doing the grocery shopping I will try my hardest to always have hummus and Triscuits for you (we’re out of hummus, maybe this will start tomorrow.)  I will do more cooking but I can’t guarantee you will always like it.  I want you to know your day matters to me.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

Over Achieving Parents

2 Jun

We did it!  We survived the school year and today is the first official day of Summer vacation!  (Insert happy dance here, course, we’ll see how long this excitement lasts, by the end of August I’ll be banging my head on the wall and counting down the days till school starts again.)

We started off the school year with a bang.  I looked in her “red folder” every night and initialed the day’s activities and we did homework.  I’m not the kind of mom that is satisfied with the assignment so of course I added more every day.  Every week I looked in her “Thursday folder” and read all the take home papers and signed and dated it each week.  Her lunches were pack with care and every effort was made to ensure she had something from each food group.  We woke up early every morning so we had plenty of time to walk to school.  We were all smiles, quite the happy little family.

I had a baby in April so school stuff got put on the back burner.  Now, before you check out and call me a bad mom for not placing value in my child’s education, let me tell you she’s in Kindergarten so it’s not like she was missing much.  I think we did homework every other day…maybe, I signed her Thursday folder but the papers got placed in a pile and were recycled without being read.  Forget walking to school.  We were lucky to get her there on time.

Every grading period there was an award ceremony.  She got an award for Reading and Math every 6 weeks but she never received the perfect attendance award, not once.  Her school district allows kids to miss 17 days before they send parents to jail so we took full advantage.  There were kids with perfect attendance for the whole year, seriously!!  Mine missed the first Friday, we didn’t even make it one week before we ruined her shot at perfect attendance.

Perfect attendance has nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with the parents.  I’ve decided kids who have not missed a day of school have over achieving parents.  Most kids would rather stay home so it’s the parents that make them go.  (I guess perfect attendance will increase their chance to get into a good college or something, whatever.)  A kid at school everyday means they went sick at least once; probably the one that made mine sick who then had to miss 2 days till her fever went down, thanks alot!   She missed several days due to Strep throat and also for fun stuff stuff like camping and a hockey game.

Well, it’s summertime now; lets see how this plays out.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.