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Through the Curtain

20 Mar

So I had a fun little field trip to the emergency room the other day. Yes, I am fine and yes, the baby is fine too. Thanks for freaking out though for a sec. 😉

This blog isn’t about what happened to get me there; it’s about all the fun stuff I heard through the curtain “walls.” I’ve decided all ERs should have real, soundproof walls.

1st victim: A lady who had rectal bleeding. I heard all about it and had to snicker when the doc said in a really loud voice “Let’s get you into a room so I can check out your bottom!” I would have been mortified and asked to be wheeled down the hall and covered with a sheet, cleverly disguised as a dead person, so no one would see me.

2nd victim: An older lady with massive stomach cramping. It turns out she hasn’t gone to the bathroom in over a month. The doc started pushing on her abdomen in different areas to see where it hurt. With the amount of yelling she was doing, I half expected the months worth of back-up to come out right there.

3rd victim: A young woman there for a breathing treatment. Her “friend” drove her there and was waiting with her. I use the term “friend” lightly b/c they weren’t being friendly. They dropped the “f bomb” every other word and attacked each other about bras, hair and glasses. Then they started talking about the Mirana and trying to figure out where their cervix and ovaries were. Then one said her father was shot and killed during the Vietnam War when he was running to get on a helicopter; turns out this girl was 20….I think she missed a few days in her Health and American History classes.

When it was my turn to talk to the doc, I didn’t want to. I was afraid my situation, though totally boring compared to the other ones, would end up being someone’s dinner conversation.  Lesson learned:  NEVER go to the emergency room with an embarrassing conversation b/c it will end up in someone’s blog. 😉

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.