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Big and Little…Let’s do Both!!

27 Dec

This past weekend, my church did it’s annual Christmas Outreach where we load up the trailer and head downtown to the homeless community and hand out backpacks (stuffed with socks, wash rags, bandanas, food, oranges, water, juice, chapstick, bus passes and hand sanitizer) along with breakfast burritos and bottled water. This started 3 years ago with the thought of “This isn’t right and we have to do something.” Each year it had gotten progressively bigger: 38 backpacks the 1st year; 50ish backpacks the 2nd year and 100 backpacks this year!!!! Not only is the number of backpacks increasing, so is the number of volunteers and children that show up to help.

When they told me this year’s goal was 100, my stomach was in knots. You see, I count the money and I knew how much this would cost. I’ll admit it; I didn’t think we could do it. With 3 weeks left we still weren’t even half way there and I was stresses out. Well God proved Himself faithful once again and ALL the money came in…big shocker….why do I doubt? I don’t know.

This was big, this was a church event. I believe that churches should do events like this. Most churches have the resources to hold events; they have volunteers, time and money. Even if your church is small, my church is small so I get that it’s hard, it still should do something. If your church has events, I strongly encourage you to participate and get involved.


After the Outreach, we went back to church and held service. Our praise and worship team did “Little Drummer Boy.” During the song, something hit me. All I know about this boy is he’s little, he’s a drummer, and he’s poor. Even though he’s a boy; he gets it. He gets something that most of us adults – including me, don’t get.

Some lyrics: Little baby…I’m a poor boy too…I have no gift to bring…that’s fit to give our King…I played my drum for Him….I played my best for Him…Then He smiled at me.

This little boy didn’t over complicate it. He didn’t think his song wasn’t good enough. He was fearless. He knew his abilities. He knew what he had and he acted on it. This little boy gave Jesus ALL he had to offer…a song. And then Jesus smiled at him.

I’m not fearless. I find myself looking at a need that is so great I easily get discouraged and think what I can offer isn’t good enough, so I don’t do anything. The lesson to be learned from this little drummer boy is: give what you can.

What can I give? A smile to THAT co-worker. Yes, we all have one and when we see them walking our way, we get up and pretend to be needed elsewhere. ..An extra hug to my husband whose love language is touch. ..An extra 10 minutes to my daughter even though I desperately want to finish mopping my very light colored tile floors after a storm and 2 muddy dogs have run across the entire downstairs…Waiting 5 minute to reply to someone who has just made me mad so my response isn’t ulgy…Being less judgmental because who am I to judge?

Even though I believe we should be involved in the big events, we can’t depend on those alone. There are countless small ways to make a difference and show love. The little drummer boy played a song and Jesus smiled at him. I want my daily actions to cause Jesus to smile at me and honestly, I know a lot of them don’t.

I’m going to work on this in 2014. My New Year’s Resolution is to make Jesus smile. I encourage/challenge you to join me!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…..welcome to my brain.


Eve Hogue – My Mom

20 Dec

Monday, 8:30 pm my phone rings. If you know me, you know my goal bedtime is 8, so when it rang I was annoyed. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t pick up. 2 minutes later, my husband’s phone rings…not good.

It’s Robert, my step-dad. My mom is in the ER and she stopped breathing…really not good.

Next phone call; her heart has stopped…horrible.

Next phone call; she’s gone…no words.

I know I can’t play this game but IF I had know that Thanksgiving was the last time I would have seen her, you better believe that weekend would have been different. I would have talked to her more. I would have asked her questions. I would have rolled my eyes less and told her I love her more.

Processing this is hard and to be honest, I’m sure I haven’t processed it completely.

While she was alive I didn’t honor the way I should have so I will honor her in her death.

She was the most generous person I have known and if she could meet a need she would.

When Danica was little, she watched her every Wednesday while we worked.

When we put Danica in preschool, we were having trouble working the tuition in our budget and I asked her for some help with the first month’s payment. She sent a check that would cover the whole year plus some.

One weekend I was on-call and had to work and Brandn was going out of town so I called her last minute and she rearranged her schedule to come and stay with Danica.

She gave her very nice car to someone at her church because they needed it more.

We go to the Women of Faith Conference every year and she usually brought a friend and paid for their ticket and hotel and always left with CDs and books for people.

Most of these examples involve money. She was not rich by any means; she just found joy in blessing others. The Bible says to love others as yourself; I think she figured that one out.

I laugh because when I was in labor with Danica, she was driving me out of my mind and I almost threw her out of the room. She was staring at the monitor and telling me when I was having a contraction…thank you…thank you mom for letting me know because the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life every couple of minutes was no indication. It saddens me that she will never see Danica grow up. It saddens me even more that the new baby will never know her.

Her Memorial service was packed; standing room only. I think half of San Angelo squeezed into the room.

I don’t care if I sound like a Hallmark card, I’m gonna say it anyway: So many people loved her and the world just lost a very special lady.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…..welcome to my brain.