What is Worship?

6 Nov

Worship…how do you define it?  My free online dictionary defines is as “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.”   Disclaimer – I have done absolutely no scientific research here, but I bet most people would define it as singing, you know, praise and worship songs.  I would define it as how you live your life.  You can show adoration to God by what you do or don’t do. You know, by NOT yelling at the guy at Austin Shoe Hospital who tells you it will cost $120 to fix your shoes and when you say no I can buy a new pair for $78 and a child in need will receive a pair of shoes as well, he then tells you he can’t find your shoes even tho you have a ticket with the number on it…hypothetical situation of course!

Anyway, lets talk about songs.  Worship music is  powerful.  Shutting out the world, lifting you hands in a sign of surrender and praising the God of the universe.  It’s even more powerful praising God when you’re in the middle of the storm.

Here’s my story – several months ago I had a miscarriage.  I was depressed for about 6 weeks; some people knew, most people didn’t.  One Sunday we did this song at church…listen to it!  As I was singing “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive” I broke down, I realized that I wasn’t living alive.  I was living in a state of not really living.  I would cry all the time, I would do what it took just to get through the day.  I was so focused on what I had lost that I didn’t see the greatness in front of me daily; I had allowed myself to steal my joy.  God revealed Himself to me in that moment.  I knew He saw my pain and I knew He felt my pain as well.  That was all it took.  I allowed myself to pull out of my funk; In that moment, in God’s presence, I found my joy again.

Chairein (pronounced Kie-rain) – is Greek; it means “joy to you.”  I LOVE this.  It will be my next tattoo and I want it to be our child’s middle name….Brandn has vetoed this, but I’m stubborn and still fighting for it.  For me, it’s personal.  It’s a reminder that joy is not found in situations but in God.  Joy is my (your) birthright from God and no one has the right, including myself (yourself), to take it away from me (you)…I’ll say that again…Joy is your birthright from God, and no one, absolutely no one had the right to take it away from you.  That’s good, let sink in.

Situations can flat out suck, people can suck.  They let us down but God never will.  It’s hard to praise and worship when your heart is ripped out.  It’s hard not to be mad at God when things happen we don’t want or understand.  God is big, He can handle us being mad at Him.  He created the universe so I don’t think the fact that I’m mad at Him is gonna knock Him down.  He’s gonna meet me where I am, stretch out His hand and help me up.  Talitha Koum (also Greek) means “I say to you little girl, get up!”  Also a future tattoo and a future blog.  If you want to know what I’m talking about click here.

People think the Bible is full of rules…I see it’s full of promises.  like this one:

Psalm 126:5 – Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.

I experienced this one personally.  I cried more tears than I ever have.  I was on the floor broken and couldn’t get up by myself.  I opened my heart to God and He showed up, like He promises.  I got my joy back; I started living again.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you….welcome to my brain.


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