A Living Representation

21 Apr

My church meets in a gym we rent from Austin Grace.  Revive and Grace have become friends and we have had a few joint services.  We are different churches but we are on the same team.  In our prayer time before service started, Pastor Josh prayed that we be living representations of God.

What does being a living representation of God look like?  1 Colossians 1:15 says Christ is the visible image of an invisible God. Ok, what does Christ look like?  Well, in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, Jesus looked like an attractive hippie.  So is that it?  We just walk around in a robe and Tevas? No….Jesus is so much more than that.  Jesus is God and God is love.

For God so loved the world…John 3:16

Love the Lord you God….and love your neighbor…Luke 10:27

Love your enemies…Matt 5:44

Everyone will know you are disciples, if you love one another…John 13:35

I’m currently reading Love Does by Bob Goff.  You should read it too.  Like the title says, this book is about what love does.  It’s not written by some male chauvinistic pig telling women that love means cooking dinner for you man and making sure the house is clean.  No.  Love is allowing a perfect stranger to propose to his girlfriend in your backyard.  Love isn’t telling the high school kid who wants to drop out and move to Yosemite how stupid he is; love is going with him and encouraging him while he figures out on his own how stupid his idea is.  Love is playing pranks on your friend. Love is taking a risk, love is action.

Last Friday was the funeral of a family member.  I was planning on going but when I found out my sister wasn’t going, I changed my plans and spent the day with her.  Danica and I drive 207 miles, one way, to have lunch and give her a hug.  The weather was beautiful so we walked to a cute little cafe for lunch then played at the park.  We went back to her place and talked for a few hours.  We talked about tattoos, work, Catholicism, orphans, the giant elephant in the room, movies, Jesus, love and much more.   We had a great conversation but did I say anything brilliant that will change her life?  Nope!  A year from now will she look back and remember anything I said?  Absolutely not!  Will she know that she is loved and remember she wasn’t alone that day?  Yes.  Will she know I love her because I said the words “I love you.”  No.  She will know I love her because I showed her.

Love isn’t just a bunch of talk.

Love = action

By loving people, we are a living representation of God.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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