There’s Hope in Junk

7 Apr

On any given day I can walk through my house and fine at least 10 things to give away.  I could make a pile of stuff to give away , but then I would get annoyed at the pile.  I hate clutter.  My rule is it it hasn’t moved in a week or you only use it once a year; you don’t need it.  My husband and daughter feel the exact opposite.

Three years after we got married, we moved.  Three years after we got married, Brandn’s cheese cake pans went away to kitchen appliance heaven.  He only used those things once a year to make a cheesecake on Thanksgiving.  Well, when Thanksgiving rolled around, he couldn’t find them.  I told him they must still be in a box from when we moved (yes, I’m a lier!)  Eventually he caught on.  He knows when I get a bug up my butt, things get thrown away.

I had this conversation with Danica, my daughter, today.  Me:  “Why don’t we give this to the garage sale.”…D: a look of horror came over her sweet little face “But mamma, it has a butterfly on it; that’s my favorite insect!”  She can’t part with stuff.  Not because she’s selfish, but because everything is special…seriously.  She can tell you the exact minute she got something and why it holds a place in her heart.

My church has a soft spot for orphans.  April 27th we are holding a Garage Sale for Orphans. The money we raise is specifically going to Ferrier Anti-trafficking home #6. We are selling our junk, precious stuff, stuff we don’t use, stuff we had to sneak past Danica to raise money to build a safe home for kids who are at the greatest risk for being sold into human trafficking.  The house costs $11,ooo.  Wouldn’t that be great if we raised the whole amount?  It’s a big feat, but it’s possible.

Annually, Americans spend over 22 Billion dollars in storing stuff.  Stuff that we store because we don’t need it.  Lets sell it!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sell your couch and sit on the floor, but hey if you’re that hard-core go for it!!  But I’m saying those books on your book shelf that you’ve already read and will never read again, sell them.  The tread mill that you keep saying you’re gonna use but all you use it for is to hang your clothes on, sell it.

There’s HOPE in our stuff.  We can lift people out of poverty.  We can protect children from becoming human trafficking victims.  We can give moms peace of mind knowing their babies won’t go to bed hungry.  We can save a child from walking miles to collect dirty water.

If you want to help, let me know.  If you want to donate click here and select Garage Sale for Orphans on the drop down box.


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