A 2 Band-Aid Kinda Nite

20 Mar

We don’t use band aids very much in my house. I’m sure some of you read that sentence and can’t comprehend it. No band aids, what?!?! It’s true.

Danica loves arts and crafts, playing any kind of game that requires massive amounts if imagination and, my favorite, interpretive dancing. I’m not being sarcastic here; interpretive dancing is seriously my favorite. We love to let movies run all the way to the end and dance around to the instrumental music during credits. She’s really good at it too. She can “feel” the music and dance accordingly. I’m totally banking my retirement on this. 😉

This is the time of year when Brandn spends most of the day outside and b/c he works part-time he has Danica when she’s not at school. (I am very blessed and jealous that he is a part-time, stay home dad…its hard work and he’s great at it.) He’s been planting a garden and some trees in the back yard the last few weeks so she’s been outside playing in the dirt; this makes Brandn very happy.

She came in the other day crying because one of our dogs “pushed her into the fence.” She showed me the scratch and the rule in our house is if it’s not bleeding, you don’t need a band-aid. This scratch was the tiniest scratch I have ever seen, but the skin did break and she reminded me of the rule. So she earned a band-aid.

Later that night she walked out of the bathroom and had blood streaming down her face. She didn’t even notice it but I freaked out and ran her into the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper and held her head back. Once she saw all the blood she started freaking out. It wouldn’t stop bleeding and I’ve never had a bloody nose so it’s not like I knew what to do.

Blood has a weird effect on me; it makes my butt tingle, yup. I was trying to calm her down while my butt was tingling up a storm so I’m sure I was very ineffective. Brandn to the rescue; he got a towel and laid her down on the couch till it stopped. When it was over I told her since that was the most she has ever bled in her life; she deserved a band-aid. That made her crazy happy and she was so excited to show Brandn. After about 20 minutes she said it was itchy and she wanted to take it off…I couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth!

Anyway… here she is being silly with a Strawberry Shortcake band-aid on her nose.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…..welcome to my brain.


One Response to “A 2 Band-Aid Kinda Nite”

  1. tracye1 March 23, 2013 at 11:55 am #

    I just laughed OUT LOUD at the butt-tingling!!! So funny. So real. As for no band-aids…we were on the other end of the spectrum when our kids were little; super cheap entertainment and went through them at warp speed. The grocery list read: milk, bread, eggs, bandaids….

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