Backpack Outreach 2012

29 Nov

Christmas is fast approaching, are you prepared? I’m not and that’s ok. I haven’t bought a single present. I did go Black Friday shopping with my friend though. The last few years we have gone to Target at 4am. Not to buy anything huge like a big screen TV or a computer. No, we go to buy $1 movies and pajamas and to watch the really crazy, stressed out people…we find this fun. (I’m not too sure what this says about our sanity though.)

Giving presents has always been a big thing for me. Brandn’s birthday is 2 and 1/2 weeks after Christmas. When we first got married, I would shower him with gifts for his b-day and Christmas. I’m talking gifts like a foosball table, new hockey equipment and skates, a PlayStation and a ton of games, a mountain bike, cash for various “i” products and so on.

After having Danica I realized “things” are a bad gifts; I came to this conclusion from personal experience. I can’t tell you how many toys I have stepped on or how many have broken within days. I don’t give gifts to people b/c I think they will like it. In all actuality, they will laugh about it after I leave it give it to Goodwill. Now, I give the gift of food. I know what my friends like and I give them their favorite snacks, drinks, cereal and so on. Brandn thinks this is silly and usually says “don’t put my name on that.” But he knows this is the kind of person I am and he has grown to love and admire this about me…that was sarcasm people. lol
Last year was the first year that I stepped out of my “me” box. It’s sad really; it took me 30 years to think about someone else; a complete stranger. Last year, we headed downtown for a homeless outreach. We went as a church and we brought our kids. We didn’t have a clue!! We showed up with a ton of hot food and backpacks stuffed with supplies….within 5 minutes we were out of food and backpacks. Let me tell you, those 5 minutes changed me. Read my 2 part blog about that day here. My friend went too, read that blog here.

We are doing it again this year. There is a need out there and we’re meeting it; we will no longer turn a blind eye. The need is bigger than us so we’re doing what we can. We are showing up with hot breakfast tacos (or burritos if you’re from west Texas.) Will you partner with us? Will you help your fellow neighbor? Will you provide the greatest gift this Christmas, the gift of love…the gift of showing you care…the gift of not ignoring…the gift of seeing those overlooked? Each complete backpack costs $20 and will contain a bus pass and a gift card for food. Will you sponsor a backpack, or 2 or 3? Click here to donate and click on “Give” . You can set up an account or just click “quick give” and select Christmas Outreach 2012. Help us last longer than 5 minutes!!!

God tells us to love our neighbor as yourself….give to the least of these… the oppressed….do the work….fight the good fight.

JOIN US!!!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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