House drama: Grace

7 Nov

Well I promised you part 2.

Let’s recap part 1…Friday night B and I wanted to rip someone’s head off.  I forgot to mention that I finally convinced B to let me stop by our house and pay our squatter a visit.  I rang the doorbell, no answer.  I rang it again, no answer.  I walked around the back yard and looked in the windows; no evidence of packing.  I rang the doorbell again and by “rang the door bell again”, I mean rang it 67 times in 1 minute.  She wasn’t home.  Good thing I guess b/c I have no idea what I would have said or done.

B took Daisy for a walk and came home talking about the parable of the unforgiving debtor.  At first I didn’t see the connection.  What does that have to do with us?  Well, I’ll start off by totally condensing the parable.  A man owed a TON of money to the king; the man couldn’t pay it and the king showed pity on him.  Someone else owed this same man a small amount of money.  The debtor couldn’t pay it and the man did not show pity on him and had him thrown in prison. Um…ok?

Well, we were the unforgiving debtor.  You see, our lease was up in a few weeks and we still didn’t have a house.  I called the office to see if we could extend our lease another month.  It was available but since it was a month lease it went up several hundred dollars.  I was mad but I went along with it.  We were in the same situation a month later.  Our apartment was available again but they had already leased out our garage.  This time I threw a hellacious fit and demanded they lower our rent and tell the guy he would have to wait for the garage.  For some reason they listened and I got my way!  We were convenienced but the complex lost out on some rent and the guy didn’t get his garage.

A few weeks later we signed on the house.  We didn’t get the keys when we wanted them.  I was thinking of every possible way to get her our of our house.  I wasn’t extending the same grace on this lady that was shown on us.  God used this moment to teach us a lesson.

We decided to change our mind set.  We realized grace was previously shown on us and God was telling us to show grace on this lady; you know, pay it forward.  We woke up the next day refreshed.  Since we weren’t consumed with being mad we had time to enjoy the day.  We took Danica to a super cool park and we went out to eat afterwards.  We still didn’t get the keys that day but it was ok; we would get them soon.

This is the cool thing about grace.  Even though we were extending grace to someone else, we benefited from it.  We weren’t worked up, stressed out or frustrated.  We were having a good time as a family.  We ended up getting the keys the next day and everything worked out.  Happy ending.  There you go.  Rainbows, bubbles and sparkly things. 🙂


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.




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