House Drama: I want to punch someone!

2 Nov

Ok.  Brandn and I FINALLY bought a house, yay!!!!!  This madness started back in June.   I tend to write my blogs the way I think it; as if I’m taking you on a journey through my brain.  For your sake…I’ll keep this brief.

Our lease was up the last day of August  so we started looking at houses in June.  We put offers on 2 houses prior to the one we bought.  We didn’t just put offers on them; we signed contracts and paid earnest money.  We thought we had the houses only to find out at the last minute we didn’t.  I will spare you all the details about why things fell through.

We found a beautiful house in Round Rock and put in an offer.  We signed contracts and put down earnest money.  Things came up along the way so I didn’t allow myself to get too excited.  We ended up closing on the house Friday morning at 9am!  Whoo-hoo it happened, we bought a house!!!  Well…we didn’t get the keys at closing.  We didn’t get the keys later on in the day.  We didn’t get the keys Saturday.  We got the keys Sunday at 5pm.  Again I will spare you all the details but bottom line is we bought a house Friday and didn’t get the keys till Sunday.  We were paying for someone else to  live in our house and we were MAD!!!

On a scale of 1-10 I’m the kind of person that immediately jumps to a 10 and gradually comes down to a 7.  I get worked up something fierce.  As the day goes on I realize there is nothing I can do and I can either cry or laugh.  I get so mad I cry and then I start laughing.  Brandn is the kind of person that starts at a -5 and then get madder as the day goes on.  By Friday night we both we at a 10 and we were ready to attack!  Brandn can’t punch a woman, but I can!  I wanted to pay her a “nice” little visit.

We had signed the 1 million papers to make the house legally ours and she was living in OUR house, illegally.  Yes, I called the Sherriff’s office to get her evicted.  But an eviction takes 30 days to write up and then she had 60 days to vacate; so that was useless  I thought about calling the cops since she was trespassing so maybe they could get rid of her.  But then she would be in jail and NOT packing; so that was useless.  I told Brandn our only option is to break in and put all her stuff in the front yard; he didn’t go for that.

Friday night he took Daisy for a walk.  He came back and said God placed the parable of the unforgiving debtor in his heart.  NOOOOOO!!!!!!!  This was not time for a parable; this was time to be pissed off!!!!!  (If you know me, you know I can relate just about everything back to Friends.  In my head, the “NO” above sounds like Monica when she and Rachel loose their apartment b/c Rachel says Chandler is a “transponder.”  Watch that brilliantness now.)…sorry, I digress….

Brandn likes to do that to me.  When I’m worked up he likes to quote me scripture.  He’s usually right but I couldn’t relate a woman illegally living in OUR house to a man who owed the king money.

And then it hit me….CRAP…..he was right!

This blog is long enough so stay tuned to find out how.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you….welcome to my brain.


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