Something about music

13 Sep

But now bring me a musician.  Then it happened when the musician played, the the hand of the Lord came upon him.  –  2 Kings 3:15

To me, music represents emotions.  They can be happy emotions: Gittin’ Jiggy Wit It or Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.  They can be heart-broken emotions: We’ve Got Tonight or Last Kiss, the Pearl Jam version of course.  They can be love emotions: Something or Fight For Your Honor.  They can also be just pure awesome: Let’s Stay Together or Groove is in the Heart.  Whatever emotion you’re feeling, it can be expressed in music.  I love music, if you can’t tell by the selection above, I love all kinds of music.

Music.  It’s honest, pure and raw.  I think that’s why God loves music too.  Music is talked about all throughout the Bible.  People worshiped and lamented to music.  Lots of church services start out with music.  It’s a time to enter into the presence of God and just worship and love on God.  I’ve cried many a times during praise and worship.  I’ve cried tears of joy because of God’ pure awesomeness and faithfulness.  I’ve cried tears of sadness and tears of repentiveness.  (I thought repentiveness was a real word but my spell checker doesn’t like it.)

Back to the verse….Then it happened when the music played, the hand of the Lord came upon him.

Remember, I said music is honest?

I’m reading this verse like this: then it happened when the musician played (got honest with God,) the hand of the Lord came upon him.

God wants us to be honest with Him.  He knows what’s in our hearts so why do we try to hide it?  I’ve had hard times in my life where I’ve been pissed at God and had some pretty strong words with Him. lol.  God gave us emotions and He wants us to use them so I thinks it’s ok to be mad at God, for a short time, but then you have to get over it and move on.

I’ve got some things going on in my life right now that are a struggle.  Things I don’t like and  I don’t understand why they’re happening and I don’t know what lesson I’m supposed to learn from them.  BUT I know I’m supposed to worship God anyway, so that’s what I do.

The day after I came across this verse, I was driving to work listening to “90s on 9” (thank you Sirius for the free promotional music.)  I was thinking about stuff and I remembered the verse.  So, as hard as it was, I turned off 90s on 9, and put in a DCB* cd instead…it was time to get honest and just love on God.

I know God is with me.  I know even though houses we put offers on keep falling through, that we won’t end up homeless.  I know even though our 12 month apartment lease ended and we are paying out the butt for monthly rent, that we won’t go broke.  I know even though D’s CHIPS might not get renewed, that she won’t be without health insurance.  I know God is with me but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the crappy stuff that we forget the good stuff.

Whatever you’re going through, put on some music and just get real.

I woke up with this song in my head.  I think you should listen to it.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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