Women, Roaches and God

29 Aug

I went to a Women’s conference this weekend; it was amazing!! First of all I love the women at my church. We do hanging out well and spending the weekend with them was totally fun. The only negative thing was when this massive roach decided to camp out on our curtains at midnight. As soon as I saw it, I bolted to the hallway and didn’t come in the room for an hour, yes; it took them that long to kill it.  I was freaking out/laughing so hard I couldn’t stop crying. One girl tackled another running for the door. It sounds viscous but it was freaking hilarious!! I could go on about this and how that nasty, stupid roach caused our personalities came out but I would rather share with you some of the points I got from the speakers so I’m gonna share my notes with you.

Thursday night, Lynn McCain  –  She talked about Acts 27-28, where Paul is is headed for Rome and ends up ship wrecked and bitten by a snake.  While on the ship, God shows up durring the storm and says He will save them BUT they have to trust Him and stay onboard.  This got me thinking.   These men were on a ship in the middle of a massive storm and God said trust me and I will save you.  Ok, great.  That means they won’t die but does it mean everything will be sunshine and butterflies?  Nope.  The storm still caused the ship to wreck and these men had to battle the waves and swim ashore.

Are you in the middle of a storm right now?  If you are, it’s ok.  Storms are biblical.  A storm doesn’t indicate you did anything wrong.  you could be in a storm because of some bad choices you made or you could be in a storm because you’re alive and life consists of storms.  Stick with it.  Don’t jump ship!!   Keep on working through the storm because there is someone on the other side waiting for you and needs you.  God promises to save us.  I realize that promise doesn’t make the storm any easier because storms suck, but rest assured that God is with you and He will not fail or forsake you.  Be joyful in hope and be faithful in prayer.

Friday night Jamie McCain  –  She talked about the voice within.  You know, that nagging, lying voice that tells us we’re aren’t good, pretty, liked, smart (put any adjective here) enough?  Well I’ve been struggling with a voice lately, the voice of fear.  Not the fear of failure or of loosing my job but the fear of the phone ringing.  For the past several months I’ve been hesitant to answer my phone b/c I’m afraid whoever is on the other end will tell me there was a wreck and someone I love is dead.  Brandn calls me 90% of the time so I’m expecting him to say Danica is dead or the police saying both are dead.  I realize this is ridiculous and I feel silly admitting it to you, but it’s the truth.  I have to get over this by controlling my thoughts.  When I feel the fear creeping in I quote myself scripture reminding me I’m safe.  Psalm 23:4 and Psalm 31:23 .

You may roll your eyes at this fear of mine.  But the truth is we all have them.  The Devil knows what our weaknesses are and he feasts on them.  He knows how to whisper lies into our pretty brains and knows if we don’t counter attack these lies with truth, they will overtake us.  God is truth and He will never let you down.  You may be going though something now thinking God doesn’t see you or care about your pain but I promise He’s right there with you.  You may not see it now but one day when you are looking back it will all make sense.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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