Paprika or Chili Powder???

29 Jun

Let me start off by saying I CAN cook.  If you ask Brandn how dinner was tonight he would just give you a look.  If you ask me how dinner was tonight I would say brilliant!!!!  I do maybe 20% of the cooking in our house; Brandn loves to cook so why would I rob him of that joy???  When we met he was one of the chefs at a fancy-shmancy restaurant in San Angelo and he had just been accepted to the Scottsdale Culinary Art Institute accredited by Le Cordon Bleu.  I married him because he cooks amazing food, has a great butt and he drove a BMW at the time.  I’m just sayin’.

7 by Jen Hatmaker has changed my life in several ways.  One of the chapters is about waste.  After reading it I vowed to be more mindful about leftovers and eat them before they go bad.  The morning after I read this chapter I think I may have gone a little psycho and yelled at Brandn for throwing away burnt pancakes.  I saw a black pancake in the trash and almost pulled it out to eat it.  I was not acting like a loving wife when I told him kids are starving in Africa so I would eat the burnt pancakes and don’t throw anymore away.

Jen Hatmaker has 5 kids; 3 biological and 2 adopted from Ethiopia.  The following is from the waste chapter of 7, written while they were in the adoption process, which made me cry:

I wept for all my children tonight, my Ethiopian children orphaned by disease or hunger or poverty who will go to bed with no mother tonight and my biological children who will battle the American complacency and overindulgence for the rest of their lives.  I don’t know who I feel worse for.

That slapped me across the face and I decided we need to better about eating leftovers.

Brandn was practicing bass tonight so that meant I was cooking…poor Brandn, he had no idea what he was in store for.  I found chips, meat, spinach and beans; the perfect core ingredients for nachos.  Then I remembered we had leftover rice, carrots, corn and baby peas.  Then I noticed the half eaten slice of American cheese.  Then I put the chips back and decided to break up the old taco shells because I knew they would sit there and go bad.  I assembled all the food on the taco shells, I mean chips, and decided they needed more cheddar cheese.  I was too lazy to cut the cheese (YES!!!!!!! Had to work that one in, I’m soooo mature.)  I mean too lazy to grate more cheese so the nachos only had about half the cheese we usually use.  One more step then my master piece was ready for the oven.  Smother them in Paprika.  Only I didn’t grab the Paprika, I grabbed Chili Powder and didn’t realize it till after I put the lid back on.

Dinner was served.  Brandn took one look at the nachos and exclaimed “Peas!?!?!?!? You’re not allowed to cook nachos ever again.”  I think they were the best nachos ever and I will toot my own horn and pat myself on the back.  My belly is happy and food was not wasted.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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