Don’t let us miss it

26 Jun

Tonight was awesome!  Every Monday Revive Church has prayer night.  I stopped going a while ago so I could stay home with Danica.  I felt guilty being gone all day at work an then coming home for a hurried dinner and then bolting out the door again and missing time with her.  Well, she is spending the week with Grandma/pa Oye (I named them that after the Santana song Oye Coma Va.)   Since we are were kidless we decided to try date night again (our last date night resulted in us swiping a car in the parking lot, getting into a huge fight and being the pissed off, married couple at the restaurant.)  Date night part 2 was much better.  We went to a pretty cool sushi place, Starbucks and then prayer.  And  might I mention that no cars were harmed in the making of date night part 2.

We held prayer in our new location.  It was my first time in the building and it felt great being in there and I can’t wait to transform a gym and some rooms upstairs into Revive Church.  My heart is full.  We prayed throughout the rooms of our new location.  Not silent prayers but loud prayers.  We walked around and prayed with passion, conviction and thanksgiving.  We prayed for whatever was on our hearts. Not embarrassed if others heard us.  Not afraid that we were judged for what we prayed for or how we prayed.  If you feel silly or uncomfortable praying out loud let me tell you this; hearing me pray out load will make you feel WAY more confident in your praying abilities. lol

There is something powerful about praying out loud with boldness and with praise and worship songs in the back ground.  What was on my heart was that we don’t miss it.  God opened the doors for us.  He brought us to our neighborhood, to the building we are in.  Soon we will be there permanently, not just for a few hours on Sunday but every day of the week.  I pray that we don’t waste the building the 6 other days of the week.  I pray that we open the doors during the week to the people of our neighborhood.  I pray that people know there is a church there not because a sign tells them a church is there but because we love the community and they feel the love of Jesus.  We now have rooms and storage places.  I pray we fill these rooms up with food we can hand out to hungry families.  I pray we have warm clothes we can give to homeless people in the winter.  I pray we have house stuff we can bless people with that can’t afford to buy it.  I pray we don’t miss opportunities and that God opens our eyes, ears and hearts to see the unspoken needs.  I pray that we love people like He calls us to love them.  I pray that we do all this not to glorify us and make Revive Church look good but to glorify God and make Him look good.

God is wrecking me.  He’s breaking my heart for things I never really cared about before.  Things that I missed.  Days wasted caring only about my close friends,  family members and myself.  Turning a blind eye to strangers and those in need.  So many missed opportunities to show the love of Jesus Christ.  I pray I don’t miss it.  I pray God opens my eyes and breaks my heart for what breaks His.

I give thanks for our new building.  He has shown Himself faithful in making this move happen and I pray we don’t waste the opportunity.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


One Response to “Don’t let us miss it”

  1. Tracy June 27, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    This gave me chills, love what God is doing in us! LOVE LOVE LOVE 🙂

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