the 2002 Katie

10 Jun

I turn 31 tomorrow.  I’m not freaking out.  Honestly; I could care less.  I told B all I want is a Big John.  Now, before you people with dirty minds start thinking I’m talking about bone jumping, I’m not.  I’m talking about a delicious, ridiculously big, vegan cookie with chocolate chips and oatmeal..did I mention they’re delicious?  That’s all I want.

I’m reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker.  I’ve mentioned it before; you should read it; it will change your life.  In the chapter about fasting media, she trows in a heartfelt letter to herself back in 2004.  What this has to do with fasting media I still don’t know.  But it has inspired me to do the same.  So here goes.  It’s a letter to me 10 years ago…

Hi Katie, it’s me Katie.  I’m from the future.  You just turned 21 and you’ve only been married barely over 1 year.  I would like to give you some advise but you have a pride issue so I know you’ll get upset and all worked up because you think my advise is really correction and think I’m telling you you’re living your life wrong.  But who cares.  I’m talking to myself so I guess I can tell me you’re stupid and some things need to be changed.  😉

1.  Your husband loves you.  Sure he does some thing you don’t like but instead of constantly fighting over it why don’t you extend grace over him?  Why don’t you talk it out and figure out why he does what he does and love him and support him and encourage him instead of nagging  him and “being a B.”  (For those of you that don’t speak Katie, when I say “being a B” I mean the cuss word that starts with a “b” but this is my way of cussing without actually cussing.)

This would tick me off because at this point I’ve been married over a year and I know all the answers and I don’t need any unsolicited marriage advice; so back off!

2.  That man is not your husband; stop thinking about him.

3.  Go to church.  The God you are ignoring now will grab ahold of you and Brandn and He won’t let go.  You will move to Austin and be part of a church plant and Brandn will be a pastor and learn to play bass and your future kids will be “pastor’s kids.”

Ok, this will crack me up and we will laugh for hours about this one.  We will laugh so hard my abs will hurt for like 3 days afterwards.  I’ll tell Brandn what the future Katie said and he will probably laugh and I’ll start laughing again and my abs will hurt again.

4.   Once you get to Austin, you will want to become a hippie and wear flowy dresses and no make-up everyday.  You will actually be excited to recycle and start running again.

Laughter again because at this point I can’t go anywhere without makeup and the clothes I wear are tight and scream I have boobs.

5.  Cute little Zeppelin will grow up an be huge.  He will attack you and try to eat you, twice.  This will cause you and Brandn to have the biggest fight of your lives and you will seriously think you’re getting divorced; over a DOG!  You will not get divorced.  Zeppelin will live a happy life until that sad day when you put him down.  You will talk a lot of crap about him but you will smile and miss him every time you see a Weimaraner in the future.

6.  Just because you are 21 that doesn’t mean you have to drink.  Put down the 3 Wisemen and drink a glass of water.  All that drink will do is cost way too much money, fill you with empty calories and cause you to puke your guts out.

7.  Just because that person is homeless that doesn’t mean he/she is too lazy to get a job.  They probably get no joy in standing on the corner watching people drive past them with judgmental/accusing eyes.  You won’t give every homeless person money but you will realize they are people too and try to help in your own way.

8.  Forgive her.  She did the best she could.  One day you will finally realize that she loves you and she always has.

This will really piss me off because the 2002 Katie likes to live in a world where I am the victim.  But the truth is I don’t understand the words forgive, mercy and grace.

I think that’s all I would say.  Not as encouraging and guiding as Jen’s letter to herself but hey, she’s a professional writer; I just started this writing thing back in December.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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