Tired of being gross (week 3)

15 May

Day 18 of my 90 Day Challenge.

Ok, so the scale just said 126 lbs; week one was 130 and week two was 125.  It looks like I gained a pound; not happy about that.  But it makes total sense.  To loose a pound you have to burn an extra 3500 calories, so I guess the oposite is true.  To gain a pound you have to consume and extra 3500 calories.  I did that this past week.

We had McDonalds for dinner one night.  Say what you want about McDonalds.  I don’t care what kind of pink, gooy, crap they put in the fake meat; I LOVE it!!  We also had Taco Cabana for lunch after church Sunday.  We went out of town for my sister’s graduation and when I’m out of town celebrating the calories tend to find me a whole lot easier.  I did have my ViSalus shakes but I also had 2 cokes, 2 mimosas,  a beer, a piece of french toast, a cinnamon roll and a bunch of cheese mash potatoes…yum!


My running was slacking this week, I only ran twice.  I did 6 miles (no walking) Friday morning; my personal best!  I’m used to running on Saturday mornings so I couldn’t figure out why there were several kids walking around at 7:30am.  I took me a while to realize it was Friday and they were walking to the bus stop. lol  I ran 4 miles yesterday (no walking) to return the RedBox movies we rented.  I hate running with things in my hands to to hold 2 DVDs was quite annoying.


I had a shake everyday, no cheating here.  I’m getting used to drinking them for lunch.  At first, my mind was playing tricks on me and I didn’t feel full because I wasn’t eating anything for lunch.  Now it’s easier and I feel full.  This week I need to be more disciplined on everything else that I eat.

Thanks for allowing me to share my brain with you…welcome to my world.


One Response to “Tired of being gross (week 3)”

  1. Saskatchewan Rose May 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    I applaud you for your commitment! I did a search about Body By Vi to see who was doing it & how progress was coming, very broad I know. I had started the shakes, two a day, before Christmas but I fell off the bandwagon with life getting so busy & hectic. Who can blame me with all those Christmas feasts!(Or McDonalds.. I love it too!) Anyways, I’ve started again TODAY! I’m so excited. I really enjoyed reading up on your progress thus far & it’s given me a little more confidence that I can keep on going with it as well!

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