Don’t got to IKEA when you’re fighting

27 Apr

We went to IKEA a few days ago to get D a “big girl bed.” I’m sure some of you are thinking this is not blog worthy, but to me it is. 🙂

Danica is 4 and she has been sleeping in the same bed since we brought her home from the hospital. For those of you that are not parents don’t freak out and think we were forcing her to sleep in her crib; her crib transformed into a toddler bed and now she has finally outgrown it.

I’m sharing our IKEA experience b/c it was so much better than the last time we went to IKEA. For those of you that don’t our story, we moved to Austin to help plant Revive Church. We went to IKEA looking for a new entertainment system; the one we had didn’t fit in our new apartment. The apartment came with a built in area for a normal size entertainment center and the one we had, that Brandn built, was the size of a small yacht. Before becoming a pastor he was a carpenter so even though ridiculously huge, the entertainment center is beautiful.

Anyway…our first trip to IKEA was not a fun one. (We had just moved here and the stress was overwhelming. At that moment, everything was new. We knew this move was gonna effect our lives and nothing would ever be the same again but we honestly didn’t know how it would affect EVERYTHING.)

For those of you who have never been to IKEA it’s a maze in there and there are arrows on the floor to direct traffic. It’s quite genius; they have it laid out so you have to walk through the entire store before you can leave. It’s so freaking big they even have a food court in the middle because it takes hours to walk through it.

So, I made some comment about going the wrong direction and the next thing I knew B snapped at me and I was crying in the middle of the isle. I don’t mean to make B sound like a jerk here. The truth is we were in a constant fight for the first 2 months we lived here so I’m 100% sure I had attitude in my voice and he was tired of hearing me complain and he just took it the wrong way. So I’m there crying in the middle of the store and all these happy, smiley people are walking past me looking at me like I’m stupid.

This last time we went to IKEA we were one of those happy, smiley people. 🙂 We walked through it in record time and got D’s bed. We even left so happy that we went to the frozen yogurt place across the parking lot and sat outside chilling eating our tasty treat. It was a perfect evening.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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