Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving.

17 Apr

My pastor said this Sunday “We give others too much power to name us, only God has that power.”  I’m not talking about your name, your parents named you, they have that power.  You especially feel the power when you get middle named.  I remember when we were trying to come up with D’s middle name.  I would yell it sounding really mad.  I had to make sure her name rolled off the tounge easily when she was in trouble.  I was planning ahead; I didn’t want to yell and mess up her name and look really stupid when she was in trouble.

I’m talking about allowing others to label you.  Labels are usually negative, so why do we allow others to label us?  Why do we listen to the lies?  Some common labels are fat, stupid, worthless, or you’ll never be good at ______ (fill in the blank.)

While we were turning McCallum high school into Revive Church this past Sunday I noticed my rockstar daughter doing something so typical of her that I had to laugh.  (For those of you that don’t speak Katie, in my language, rockstar means awesome.)  I won’t speak this over D because I don’t want her to feel labeled and then allow it to impact her future.  But this is what happened.  She was lined up with 2 of the other Revive kids to race up and down the hall.  This is normal;  they do this every week and D always comes in third place.  This time it was different; when they said go, she took off completely in the wrong direction!  I laughed.  She does stuff like that all the time.  I know B would love to put her in soccer but we’re pretty sure she would chase butterflies and pick flowers the whole game.

If she stays on this path she probably won’t be on the track team, but I’m not going to discourage her from trying out.  I will not harp on the things she doesn’t do well.  I will not discourage her as she grows up and put it in her mind that she’s not good at things that involve running fast.  I will not label her.

In the Bible, Ruth is often called “Ruth the Moabitess.”  She was from Moab and moved to Israel with her mother-in-law.  Moab was an enemy of Israel; the Israelites despised the Moabites.  So when the Israelites called her “Ruth the Moabitess” they were reminding her she was not one of them, she was an enemy, she was different.  They thought they were better than her and they wanted her to know it too.  They labeled her.

Ruth could have allowed that to become her identity; but thank God she didn’t.  She didn’t allow that label to hold her back, to dictate her actions, to control her thoughts.  She worked hard and over came that label.  She ended up becoming the great-grandmother of King David and through that lineage; Jesus was born.

Have you been labeled?  If you have let me encourage you to be more than your label.  Don’t allow others to speak negative into your life.  Allow God to speak truth into your life.  God does not tear you down; He builds you up.  He says you are beautiful, holy, loved, created in His image, worthy and so many other wonderful things!

You are a rockstar…rock on!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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