Seriously the best Easter ever!

9 Apr

When I think of Easter I think of Jesus. When I think of Jesus I think of love.  This is not a post about God loving us so much He sent His one and only son so that whoever believes in Him will have not perish but have eternal life. – John3:16.  This is a blog about loving others.  Yes, to be a Christian you have to love Christ, but it doesn’t stop there.  Jesus wants us to love others.  That’s what we did today and I have to say, this was honestly the best Easter I have ever had.

God is so awesome.  He orchestrates things and they come together so beautifully. Today started out at Revive Church.  I love Sundays; transforming a high school cafeteria into a sanctuary, into a place where people can enter into God’s presence.  After church a group of us got together to have a picnic.  Two ladies were at Revive for the first time today.  Both of these ladies, who never met until today, used to live in San Angelo and both attended Christian Faith Center.  Christian Faith Center is also the church that B and I used to go when we lived in San Angelo.  Both of these ladies were not able to go home to be with family this Easter so they joined us for a picnic.  We ended up with a group of 13 people eating lunch on the Capitol lawn.  We all came from San Angelo.  We did not plan on having a “San Angelo picnic” but humorously, it turned out that way.  Two ladies that woke up this morning thinking they were gonna spend Easter away from home and their family got to eat good food in a beautiful area and just hang out and feel loved and welcomed.

After the picnic ended we decided to drive a few streets over be a part of something so much bigger than us.  Austin New Church does not hold and Easter service in their building.  They hold their Easter service downtown at 7th and Neches and cook thousands of hamburgers and feed hundreds of homeless people and hand out clothes and just love on them.  To watch the video from last year’s event click here.  A few of us from Revive Church went down to check it out.  We all have a heart for serving the homeless community but we’re just not sure how so we wanted to check it out and see how the pros do this.

Today, B was talking to a homeless man named Ricardo.  Ricardo said days like today make him feel “normal” not “homeless.”  Ricardo also said “I’m am not homeless; I just don’t have a house.  My home is wherever I am.”

Homeless people and people with homes were all gathered together today; eating, praying, sharing stories, dancing (even though D and I got a shout out from the band for being the only people dancing lol.)

It was so cool seeing and feeling the love that was there today.  The homeless community is often overlooked and invisible.  We see them standing on the corners but do we really see them?  No, we look the other way; we don’t make eye contact; we don’t want to see them.  We don’t want to feel uncomfortable.  We pretend to be busy or mess with our phones or the radio or the a/c and drive on.  Today, they were seen.  Today they were fed, they were talked to, they were loved, they were treated like people with jobs and homes.

I was in this same parking lot with the same homeless people Christmas morning.  To read that blog click here.  I was too afraid to get out of the car and I was so ashamed that I cried once we got home.  I remember telling B that will never happen again.  If you didn’t click the link above to read that blog you really should.  3.5 months later I find myself in the same parking lot.  I was out of the truck and part of the action.  I share this not to say “look at me” but to show you how God is causing me to grow and stretch.

Easter is not about buying a fancy new dress to wear to church and just sit.  It’s about Jesus and Jesus is love.  I’m learning that love is not just an emotion and Jesus is not just a name, they are verbs, the are action.  It’s hard but it’s so rewarding.  This Easter I didn’t focus on myself; I loved others and I have to say, it was my best Easter ever.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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