I’m in Aw

29 Mar

I’m in aw.  Of what?, you ask.  You.  And by you I mean everybody reading this right now.  I’m amazed how many people read my blog and even more so that you guys like it and keep reading it.

In my very first blog, I said this: “So I’m nervous about this.  I’m a pastor’s wife and a church planter so I feel pressure to say something brilliant, bold and life changing.  If you’re expecting to read something brilliant, bold and life changing stop reading now.  If you want to read something funny, something that makes you think “huh, I’m glad I’m not her” or something that makes you feel better about yourself because I did something retarded and then blogged about it, THIS is your blog.”

Weeeeell MUCH to my surprise my blog has turned into something much deeper than I originally anticipated.  For those of you that don’t know me, in person I’m an idiot!!!  The things that come out of my mouth sometimes even catch me off guard and cause my poor husband to just shake his head.  I guess when I blog, I have time to think and re-write and think some more and hit delete and then trash the whole thing if it’s gross.  I have to laugh sometimes b/c when I read my blog I think, huh, she’s kinda smart.  I write what’s in my heart and on my mind and I’m honored that you guys care enough to keep reading.

Ok, let me give you an example of the idiot I mentioned earlier.  I sent this email to a dear friend earlier today; it has not ben edited.  Enjoy:  “D got invited to a bday party this Friday at 4pm…4pm on a Friday, seriously?!?  The mom was either smoking crack when she planned it or she assumes every one else is a stay home mom as well. Part of me wants to boycott this to stand-up for all the working moms out there.  BUT that would make me a jerk b/c it’s at one of those jumpy places and it actually looks like a lot of fun.  I don’t expect B to go by himself b/c that would be really awkward so I’m just gonna suck it up and ask off work early so she can go.  I guess it’s about time I meet all the moms anyway; to prove I really do exist and I’m not a figment of D’s imagination.  Whew…I feel better now. lol  Have a rock-star day with glitter, bubbles and sunshine.  :)”

See, I didn’t lie.  I wrote that; I really am an idiot.  Anyway.  I just wanted to say thank you for reading.  I’ve really enjoyed blogging and I’m honored that you continue to read it.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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