Ducks and too many questions

20 Mar

Last night I played hooky.  Well maybe not.  Can I even call if hooky if I told people what I was really doing?  No I don’t think so but I sound more exciting if I say I played hooky.

Our Monday nights consist of monday night prayer meetings at Monky’s Nest.  I share baby sitting duty with Chantel so one week I watch the kids and the next week I go to the meetings.  Yesterday was my week to attend but I really wanted t stay home with D, just the 2 of us.   I know how hard being a stay home parent is but sometimes I get a little jealous of B’s time with D.  We had fun; I’m really glad I stayed home.

We went for a bike ride.  Well I rode the bike and she got a ride in the carriage attached to the back.  There are some trails in our neighborhood that lead to a park and a pond.  We had a few pieces of bread left so we fed the ducks.  These ducks are food snobs.  D got out of the carriage and walked towards them quacking and they just ignored her.  Once they say the bag I was holding they swarmed me.  D loved it!  She had so much fun throwing bread and watching them chase it.  We’ve decided to save old bread and tortillas and do this on a regular basis.  On the way home she asked me a million questions about ducks.  Hi I’m Katie and I speak in hyperbolizes.

Here is an example:  She asked me why one had a dirty face.  I told her ducks don’t have hands so how can they wash their face.  She asked me why some have long necks and some don’t.  I told her all animals are made differently and unique.  She asked me why.  I said that’s the way God made them so we cold enjoy all different types of birds cause the world would be boring with only one kind of duck.  She asked me why.  I said I don’t know; ask God when you get to heaven.

My 2 default answers are 1) Ask God when you get to heaven and 2) Because he/she didn’t get hugged enough as a kid.

Once we got home we played hide and seek.  I hid so well one time that she got upset b/c she thought I left.  She’s not very good at being sneaky.  She laughs the whole time so I always know where she is.

We were in bed and telling stories by 8pm; she likes when I make up stories about a litte girl names “Schmanica.”  B came home around 8:30pm and we all just hung out on the bed for an hour.

That’s it.  I just thought I would share about my awesome Monday evening with D.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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