14 Mar

I had a blog in mind but I couldn’t figure out how to word it without hurting anybody’s feelings.  No I’m not afraid of saying something controversial, no I’m not afraid of causing someone not to like me.  I just didn’t want to hurt some people’s feelings, especially because I like these people.  I decided it wasn’t that important for me to get my thoughts out.  So I decided to scrap the idea.  It was centered around the thought of no change = no growth.  If you stay the same there is no learning, stretching, developing, or challenging thinking going on so how can you grow?

Anyway…I felt the need to blog but I couldn’t decide about what.  I guess I had writers block.  I was sitting, staring at a blank computer screen when D walked by.  I figured she could inspire me.  So I told her to give me an idea and I would blog about it.  To all you other bloggers out there with children, I don’t really recommend you do this on a regular basis.  But I was desperate so I went for it.

So the topic of the day is: gooey, sweet, gummy bears with fruit inside them…not quite sure where to go from here.  I like gummy bears.  I’ve never had any that had fruit inside them.  I have had some that were left in the car during the west Texas summer and they became gooey.  D had had a few gooey ones fall in her car seat and she sat on them.  Trying to get this mess out of her clothes was not fun.

I asked B what to blog about.  He said I need to blog about “how much you like to jump my bones.”  I told him nope.  He then said “blog about how awesome I am,” nope again.  Then he said “blog about Doritos.”  2 thoughts about Doritos immediately popped in my mind and they both involve Taco Bell.  Thought 1: I have a friend that gets the $2 meal with a burrito and a bag of Doritos.  She made up a song and it goes like this: “I love Doritos in my 5 Layer Burrito.” Thought 2: Is about the new taco that has a Doritos shell.  Won’t that get your hands dirty?  I guess when you’re done you get to lick your whole hand instead of just your finger tips…to me that seems gross.

That’s all.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


One Response to “Random”

  1. LaTosha March 14, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Sorry we didn’t get to visit this weekend, was hoping to catch you at the lake on Sunday but maybe next time 😦 Have a great day.

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