More Than A Prayer

5 Mar

At church today Pastor Ray said something. After he said it I looked at B and said “oh, that’s good.”  Would you like to know what he said?  Here it comes…are you ready?  He said “instead of telling someone “I’ll pray for you” why don’t you be the answer to the prayer.”  Good huh??  Who’s face is being slapped right now? Don’t feel bad, God slaps me on a regular basis. lol

How often do we tell people “I’ll pray for you,” pray for them once and then forget about it?  I’ll be honest, I do it all the time.  I tell them I’ll pray with the full intention of actually remembering to pray for them on a regular basis.  I have a family member who’s mom is going through chemo and gets treatments every third Friday.  I have an alarm set in my phone to go off every third Friday morning so I’ll remember to pray for her.

I fully believe in the power of prayer.  I know it works, I’ve seen it work but do I say I’ll pray for someone because it is the easy way out?  I’m not downplaying prayer at all but sometimes I think I say “I’ll pray for you” to get me off the hook and I don’t have to physically DO anything.  I say my prayer so I can check it off my list, feel good about myself and then I move on.

We have some friends that needed some financial help.  They didn’t ask us for money but we knew their situation.  I was literally praying “God, move in somebody’s heart so they’ll send them some money in the mail”  And immediately I heard God and felt it in my heart.  He said to me “You have money, you help them.”  To this I actually replied, to God, “Yeah well Dave Ramsey said that’s an emergency account and I’m not supposed to touch the money in that account.”  I seriously told God that.  Reading it now it sounds really stupid and I’m thankful God didn’t go Old Testament and smite me right then and there.  He’s patient and He was like let’s try this again…you do it.

Ouch!  I just wanted to do my “Christian duty” and pray and let someone else do the hard work; not me.

Did Jesus die on the cross so I woud pray and then NOT do anything?  No, no my friend, He did not.  We are called to be His hands and feet.  We are called to do the work.  We are called to love others and put them first.  Chris Tomlin wrote the Foreword for Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love.  He said to sacrifice your own comfort and welfare for another may look like madness in a safe and undisturbed world.

Jesus was radical.  His methods were not not conventional.  He hung out with prostitues, drunkards and tax collectors.  (Sounds like a party to me!)  He touched the unclean and leprous people.

Maybe instead of praying for God to show me something I need to start praying for God to open my eyes.

Love each other deeply, honor others more than yourself.  Romans 12:10

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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