Preach it B

6 Feb

So I have to brag on my husband.  He preached yesterday and it was AWESOME!  It’s been almost a year since he last preached and it was during a Disney series to teens.  Yesterday he spoke during the main service at Revive Church to adults.  We started a new series called Once Upon A Marriage and it’s based on Biblical marriages.  He covered the mess of a marriage between Jacob and Leah and Rachel.

Like I said, he did awesome.  Maybe it was because he mentioned Princess Leia and the force was with him or maybe because he used his MacBook Pro and the spirit of Steve Jobs was with him, or maybe because he bought a new shirt and was wearing my Hello Somebody watch and he had the spirit of fashion with him.

Or maybe it was because the message was personal and he was speaking with conviction and passion and the emotion was raw and real.

Society puts so much emphasis on finding “The One” and how once you find the one, your life will be perfect.  Well when we find “someone” and expect them to be the  one, we put so much pressure on them and we are just setting ourselves and them up for failure.  The truth of the matter is “The One” should be God and your spouse should be “The Two.”

B and I will be married 11 years next month and we don’t have a perfect marriage but when we first got married our marriage was a mess.  God was not active in our lives at all.  Sure we went to church occasionally, so we were pretending that God was important to us maybe 3 hours each month.  Our marriage was a mess.  We hid it well from the outside I wanted it to look like we had it all together but we were falling apart.  B had issues and I had issues but we hid them from everybody, including each other.

In B’s message yesterday, he exposed some skeletons that were in our closets.   He’s always been open about his skeletons and everybody on the Revive team knew about them.  Mine on the other hand I kept tucked away, no one knew about it and I finally told B out about it less than a year ago.  I told B he could talk about it but I was nervous.  Nervous of how others would look at me once they knew.  That was stupid of me.  Our revive family is the best and so non-judging.  They are probably the safest place to reveal my skeleton yet I was still scared.

Anyway…B didn’t do this to put us on a pedestal saying look how far we have come.  No, it was to say look how far God has brought us.  God’s grace is amazing and so unfathomable.  He protected our marriage.  We had ignored Him for years yet He was there with us.  God is so good and so faithful even when we are not.

I love my husband and I love our marriage.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


One Response to “Preach it B”

  1. edouan February 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    A great church family that loves you even when they know your dirty little secrets is an incredible gift from God. Imagine feeling like you would be judged so you have to keep the real you a secret. In Christ we should feel free to love and be loved. great post!

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