Bread from heaven…

29 Jan

Sorry this blog is old.  I wrote it 2 weeks ago but I had some things on my heart that I had to get out so this blog got put on hold.  This is my second blog regarding Exodus. Exodus is kinda messing me up, God is totally working on me right now.  Not really the 2nd part of Exodus where God tells them if a bull gorges a person, who is responsible.  I don’t have a bull, if I did I’m sure God would be saying “See?  I told you so!” through that too.  No it’s the actual exiting of the old life and entering the new one.  Yes, I’m in that stage of life and Exodus is totally narating my life right now.

Reading Exodus 16 and I’m thinking about manna. You know the story, the Israelites have been released from slavery and bondage and left Egypt and are headed towards the promise land. They are hungry and start complaining. Exodus 16:3 – The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the LORD’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” In Egypt they had food but I guess they forgot they were also beaten and forced into slave labor and that Pharaoh ordered all the baby boys to be killed.  Side note – I you haven’t read my blog titled “I’m a hypocrite” read the link above now.

They are in the desert headed to Mount Sinai and they are totally missing it. They focus on what’s in front of them, being hungry, and not the big picture – the fact that God heard their cries, rescued them from slavery and is now leading them to the promise land. They got hungry and turned into a bunch of stupid whiners, kinda like the Snickers/diva commercial. So when God heard them complaining about being hungry He decided not to smite them (it’s Old Testament, God can do that 😉 ) but to show mercy and give them food; He sent quail in the evening and bread in the morning. When they woke up the next morning the ground was covered with a flake substance which they were told was bread from heaven and God said for all of them to take what they needed. They were hungry and God took care of them; He sent them manna.

What’s your manna? What has God sent you from heaven? My manna? That’s easy…queso. Yep, queso! You thought I was gonna get all spiritual on you didn’t you? lol From the very beginning, God knew how much I would love queso so he gave people the passion for it a long time ago so it would be perfected by the time I came along. Queso is a miracle food; you can put it on chips, potatoes, bread, pizza, broccoli, rice, burgers, chicken, I could go on…

B and I went on a cruise for our 5th wedding anniversary and I did the Special K diet for 2 weeks before we left. The first meal I had after practically starving myself was the layered queso from Abuelos. We drove 90 miles to Abilene so I could indulge. Oh man, that was the best meal ever!

Thank you God for always providing even when I’m being stupid, really, really, stupid and self absorbed…and thanks for queso.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

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