I’m a hypocrite

25 Jan

“Hi.  My name is Katie and I’m a hypocrite and I’m judgmental and at times I lack faith.”  Let me introduce you to my ancestors, the Israelites.

I have 2 blogs ready to go but after today I knew I had to get this off my chest…

I’m reading Exodus right now I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I read the Israelites say “you brought us out of Egypt only to have us die in the wilderness.”  I want to yell “Seriously?!  Did you forget that God JUST parted the Red Sea for you.  He JUST feed you with manna and quail (a blog on manna will soon follow.)  He JUST cracked open a rock and water flowed out of it.  Did you forget about all the plagues that effected the Egyptians but didn’t effect you?”

I was throwing myself another pity party today; I’m getting pretty good at these.  Driving on IH-35 during rush hour is not the smartest/safest place to cry my eyes out but I did it anyway.  I have referred to myself as a wandering Israelite a few times in the past few months and here is why.  I’m just like them…gasp!!!  It’s true.

I love it here in Austin and I know this is where we are supposed to be but honestly, in San Angelo everything was just easier.  I’m a pretty easy going, happy person but I’ve cried a lot lately.  I keep saying “In San Angelo_____” (fill in the blank.)  For example: I was the guest of honor at my pity party last month and I was crying because “In San Angelo I worked in a pretty office and we would have Christmas lights and a Christmas tree up right now.  My office here doesn’t have anything pretty.”  Yes.  I actually said this and had a melt down.  Now I roll my eyes and laugh but it was serious stuff last month.

I keep thinking about how it was easier in San Angelo and I keep forgetting all the miracles that God made happen to get us here and the miracles that happened once we got here.  Like My husband getting in a wreck going 70 mph on IH-35 and walking away from it with just a hole in the truck.  That wreck could have been so bad but God was holding B in His hands right then.  I forget at times that we sold our house without putting it on the market and paid off both vehicles and moved here debt free.  We moved away from our family and I miss them terribly but I sometimes forget that God has blessed us with an amazing Revive Church family that I love to pieces.

I roll my eyes, but I’m just like them.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


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