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I never knew_____.

31 Jan

I was listening to the local Christian station here this morning.  I’m not a fan of this station because the DJs really drive me crazy.  One lady sounds happy all the time.  Not like I’m in a good mood happy but like there are rainbows, bubbles and sunshine coming out of my booty all the time, happy….she’s just too happy.  I would love to see this lady having a bad day.  Sorry, I’m digressing.

Anyway, the topic was newness.  “I never knew ____ (fill in the blank) till I met you.”

I decided to play along and this is what I came up with:

Brandn:  “I never knew what it meant to put someone else first till I met you.”   I do this willingly.  He is my husband and I love him and I want to make sacrifices to make him happy.  He does not call me “woman” or say “go make me some dinner.”   I submit to him because the Bible tells me to which honestly, is something I still struggle with.  I have Ephesians 5:24-27 (this is from the Message) laminated and on my bathroom mirror so I can see it daily.  These verses remind me to submit to B but they also remind him to love me…it’s like a circle.  We are both doing our part, no one is taking advantage of the other; we are both in the circle of trust.  Thank you Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller for the mental picture I see right now. lol

Danica: “I never knew what it meant to love someone and want to laugh and scream at the same time.”   Example:  When D starts crying for something I think is ridiculous I tell her to “dry it up.”  This is my way of saying get over it.  Last night she was super tired and had a melt down because I didn’t give her any medicine even though her nose “was stuffy and she couldn’t breath and she had a cough.”  I told her to dry it up and she said she couldn’t because there were no tears to wipe.  This upset her even more and then she was crying because she didn’t have tears and couldn’t dry them up which meant she couldn’t stop crying since they were dried up…make sense??? Well it made perfectly perfect sense to her. lol

Anyway, thank you over-the-top-happy-lady for giving me something to think about today.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


Bread from heaven…

29 Jan

Sorry this blog is old.  I wrote it 2 weeks ago but I had some things on my heart that I had to get out so this blog got put on hold.  This is my second blog regarding Exodus. Exodus is kinda messing me up, God is totally working on me right now.  Not really the 2nd part of Exodus where God tells them if a bull gorges a person, who is responsible.  I don’t have a bull, if I did I’m sure God would be saying “See?  I told you so!” through that too.  No it’s the actual exiting of the old life and entering the new one.  Yes, I’m in that stage of life and Exodus is totally narating my life right now.

Reading Exodus 16 and I’m thinking about manna. You know the story, the Israelites have been released from slavery and bondage and left Egypt and are headed towards the promise land. They are hungry and start complaining. Exodus 16:3 – The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the LORD’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” In Egypt they had food but I guess they forgot they were also beaten and forced into slave labor and that Pharaoh ordered all the baby boys to be killed.  Side note – I you haven’t read my blog titled “I’m a hypocrite” read the link above now.

They are in the desert headed to Mount Sinai and they are totally missing it. They focus on what’s in front of them, being hungry, and not the big picture – the fact that God heard their cries, rescued them from slavery and is now leading them to the promise land. They got hungry and turned into a bunch of stupid whiners, kinda like the Snickers/diva commercial. So when God heard them complaining about being hungry He decided not to smite them (it’s Old Testament, God can do that 😉 ) but to show mercy and give them food; He sent quail in the evening and bread in the morning. When they woke up the next morning the ground was covered with a flake substance which they were told was bread from heaven and God said for all of them to take what they needed. They were hungry and God took care of them; He sent them manna.

What’s your manna? What has God sent you from heaven? My manna? That’s easy…queso. Yep, queso! You thought I was gonna get all spiritual on you didn’t you? lol From the very beginning, God knew how much I would love queso so he gave people the passion for it a long time ago so it would be perfected by the time I came along. Queso is a miracle food; you can put it on chips, potatoes, bread, pizza, broccoli, rice, burgers, chicken, I could go on…

B and I went on a cruise for our 5th wedding anniversary and I did the Special K diet for 2 weeks before we left. The first meal I had after practically starving myself was the layered queso from Abuelos. We drove 90 miles to Abilene so I could indulge. Oh man, that was the best meal ever!

Thank you God for always providing even when I’m being stupid, really, really, stupid and self absorbed…and thanks for queso.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

My Girl

27 Jan

Ok, so I decided I wanted to do something fun and different for my next blog.  I thought “D is fun and different. I’ll do my blog on funny things she says this weekend.” So I left a pad of paper on the table and I would write down the funny things she said that could stand alone, meaning I didn’t feel like explaining the whole conversation so the sentence had to be funny by it’s self.

So here goes, in no particular order:

The lizard bit my toe.

He needs a workout video.

There’s no creamer at Hobby Lobby.

Would you mind please, to wipe my bottom?

My nose is stuffy.  I can’t go to school (cough…cough)

Mrs Tracy, is the child care ready yet?

My nose is clogged.  I can only smell strawberries, cheese, gum.  Things I like.

Don’t worry, there will be flowers all over the place and it will be pretty.

Cough drops are medicine so you can’t have too many of them.

Momma, sometimes you’re mean to me but sometimes you’re not.

Good thing these tights cover my booty!

Jono ate all the donuts.  I’m watching you. (Then she pointed 2 fingers at her eyes and 1 at him.)

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my daughter’s brain.

I’m a hypocrite

25 Jan

“Hi.  My name is Katie and I’m a hypocrite and I’m judgmental and at times I lack faith.”  Let me introduce you to my ancestors, the Israelites.

I have 2 blogs ready to go but after today I knew I had to get this off my chest…

I’m reading Exodus right now I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I read the Israelites say “you brought us out of Egypt only to have us die in the wilderness.”  I want to yell “Seriously?!  Did you forget that God JUST parted the Red Sea for you.  He JUST feed you with manna and quail (a blog on manna will soon follow.)  He JUST cracked open a rock and water flowed out of it.  Did you forget about all the plagues that effected the Egyptians but didn’t effect you?”

I was throwing myself another pity party today; I’m getting pretty good at these.  Driving on IH-35 during rush hour is not the smartest/safest place to cry my eyes out but I did it anyway.  I have referred to myself as a wandering Israelite a few times in the past few months and here is why.  I’m just like them…gasp!!!  It’s true.

I love it here in Austin and I know this is where we are supposed to be but honestly, in San Angelo everything was just easier.  I’m a pretty easy going, happy person but I’ve cried a lot lately.  I keep saying “In San Angelo_____” (fill in the blank.)  For example: I was the guest of honor at my pity party last month and I was crying because “In San Angelo I worked in a pretty office and we would have Christmas lights and a Christmas tree up right now.  My office here doesn’t have anything pretty.”  Yes.  I actually said this and had a melt down.  Now I roll my eyes and laugh but it was serious stuff last month.

I keep thinking about how it was easier in San Angelo and I keep forgetting all the miracles that God made happen to get us here and the miracles that happened once we got here.  Like My husband getting in a wreck going 70 mph on IH-35 and walking away from it with just a hole in the truck.  That wreck could have been so bad but God was holding B in His hands right then.  I forget at times that we sold our house without putting it on the market and paid off both vehicles and moved here debt free.  We moved away from our family and I miss them terribly but I sometimes forget that God has blessed us with an amazing Revive Church family that I love to pieces.

I roll my eyes, but I’m just like them.


Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.


20 Jan

So before I get started let me give you a warning.  I am a very non hip hop girl talking about a hip hop song and I hope I don’t ruin this song for you.  I have been known to ruin things, B calls me “”  I’m not allowed to watch James Bond movies with him; if I do, I have to be quiet and not say anything.  So instead I just roll my eyes and give him “whatever” looks.

I have several opinions about this song but I’ll stick with one for now.  She says “I can have another you in a minute.  In fact he’ll be here in a minute.”  Did you figure out the song?  If not, she then says something about moving boxes to the left.

Ok, here’s m my beef – Where are her standards????

She’s kicking this guy out because he was crappy and cheated on her, ok, I get that.  But she wants another guy like him and if he’s gonna be there in a minute that means she already has him.  So she just replaced a piece of crap with another.  Really?  Did she not learn her lesson?

Why, ladies, are we so quick to throw our standards out the window and date whatever guy comes along?  I know I did it in high school.  I dated whatever looser gave me attention and there were a lot of them.

I don’t know why other women habitually date loosers, but here’s why I did it.  I didn’t know who I was; my identity was wrapped up in who I was dating.  Kinda like Julia Roberts in Run Away Bride.  That poor woman didn’t even know what kind of eggs she liked best. My favorite?? Egges Benedict, freaking yummy!

I didn’t have a low self esteem, in fact it was the opposite, I was stuck on myself.  But  I didn’t realize that God loved me and that His love was the only love that mattered.

So the question is How do I find out who I am?  I’ll tell ya, are you ready?  READ YOUR BIBLE!  God tells you who you are.  God says you are beautiful, chosen, you are mine, you are accepted, you are loved.  God created you in your mother’s womb and he knows everything about you.  He knows the ugly truth about you and yet  He.  Still.  Loves. You.

Ladies hear me please.  Love God and love yourself.  Once you realize who you are in Christ you will know what true love is and you will be prepared and well equipped to tell that looser to keep walking.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

Forgive Them

16 Jan

So last week we started a series at church called 1 Month to Live. We did it last year at our old church in San Angelo and we’re doing it now at Revive; the series is just that good. Ray, the Lead Pastor, and Tony, the Youth Pastor, are tag teaming the series and Tony spoke yesterday. He said something that got me thinking. He said “If you knew you had 30 days left to live, who would you forgive?  Ok.  Then why aren’t you doing it now?”

Why aren’t you doing it now?  Why can’t we forgive?  We say things like “Well you don’t understand, he did this to me” or “I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t deserve that.”  We can’t let stuff go.  We let it fester, and in my opinion, after it festers it becomes way worse than what it originally was.  Jesus didn’t intend for us to live this way.  With one of His last breaths Jesus said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”   We have a hard time forgiving people for hurting our feelings or stabbing us in the back yet Jesus forgave the people that crucified Him.  Yeah, I know…He’s Jesus; that’s what He does and we’re all suposed to learn from His life.

We have all been hurt, I know I have.  I spent a long time (almost 10 years) being mad at someone.  I spent years letting something fester and I just couldn’t let it go.  To be honest, it was easier to be mad and blame someone else than it was to be an adult and forgive.  I allowed anger to become my comfort zone.  I have since forgiven this person and now we have reestablished our relationship.

The forgiving process took a long time and sometimes I still struggle with it.  Not because I haven’t completely forgiven but because anger was my attitude for so long that it became a habit, it was what I was used to.  When I felt the anger rising in me I would literally repeat “The renewing of my mind, the renewing of my mind, the renewing of my mind” (part of Romans 12:2) over and over and over again in my head.  I would have to force myself to change my attitude, my facial expression and my tone of voice when I was around this person.

We can’t just pray for forgiveness and it magically happens; if it were that easy then we would all do it.  No, forgive takes time and effort.  It has to be something we really want to do and we have to be willing to let go and put our pride and stubbornness aside and allow ourselves to rise up and move forward.

Col 3:13 – Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against each other.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.

Monday Night Madness

12 Jan

Every Monday night Revive Church meets for a corporate prayer meeting at Monkey Nest.  It is the cutest coffee house and they let us rent their back room for free as long as we order $25 worth of coffee; with our group of people this is not a challenge at all.   Pastor Chris at Experience Life Church says “closet prayer changes people but corporate prayer changes cities.”  We think that’s true;  however, we’re not exactly trying to change Austin.  We love it’s weirdness, technological side, eclecticness, eccentricity, music scene, and pretty much any other adjective.  We’re not trying to change this city, we just want to see a little bit  more of Jesus here.

Since most of us have kids and because kids have this interesting way of interrupting prayer meetings we each take turns babysitting.  Right now the kids consist of one 6 year old boy, two 4 year old girls and one almost 2 year old boy and soon twins will be added to the mix!!  I had the kids this past Monday; the evening started out with dinner and then all madness broke out.  Here is a small example of the things that came out of my mouth in the 1.5 hours they were with me and I’m pretty sure I said each phrase at least 10 times:

– Scooch

– Quit jumping, we live above grumpy people.

– You can dribble the soccer ball, just don’t kick it up in the air.

– He doesn’t have to share, that’s his.

– Don’t play in the bathroom.

– Open that door!

– Yes you can wear the princess dress.

– Say you’re sorry.

– Give hugs.

I could go on but I think these give you a pretty good feel for how a Monday night goes with these kids.  D tells me that they all sit quietly and watch movies at the other mom’s houses and our house is the only one where they get to run around like fools.  I don’t know if I believe this because I know these kids and if they’re together then sitting quietly on the couch watching movies is out of the question. I take that back.  I’ve seen it last a whopping 3 minutes and then  it’s is over.

For right now, a successful Monday night means no bones or any of my stuff broke.  I love these kids and I’m honored to be a part of their lives and watch them grow up.

Thanks for allowing me to share my world with you…welcome to my brain.